Five People Were Injured in a Shooting in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Police Chief Was Among Them

At least five people, including a police officer, were hurt in a shooting on Beach Blvd. in Biloxi, Mississippi on Sunday evening, and local station WLOX reports that authorities are still seeking for a culprit.

Chief John Miller of the Biloxi Police Department arrived at the site just after 8 o’clock that evening. He told WLOX that cops from numerous agencies arrived quickly to the “massive shooting” that had “four, possibly five” victims. A police officer from Biloxi was among those hurt.

Each victim is stable, though several are still in serious condition, according to the police chief. The police chief stated that inquiries into the shooting were ongoing, and that it was still unclear why policemen were present before gunfire erupted nearby.

Shooting in Biloxi
Shooting in Biloxi

An online video purports to show the officer taking an arm injury. “This is a major crime scene. The police chief told the station, “Really, it is two or three crime scenes here,” and that officers were casing the area to “be sure to get every piece of evidence there is to get.”

These sources offer a central hub for the most recent information on everything taking place in the Golden State:

Several police agencies, including the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, the Biloxi Police Department, the Gulfport Police Department, the Ocean Springs Police Department, and others, rushed to the site.

“Whenever there is a massive shooting like this, where several people are shot, you can expect that [multiple agencies will respond]. Law enforcement works together, we always have. Other city’s agencies respond and come because they are not sure what is going on, and they know we will probably need help,” Chief Miller told the station.

Miller said he had “many prayers” for the Biloxi police officer and that the situation was “very fluid.”

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