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Tragic Incident in Chesapeake Leaves One Man Dead!

Shooting in Chesapeake

Police confirmed Friday morning that a man was killed in a gunshot that occurred at the intersection of S. Military Highway and Canal Drive. Near first, officers from the Chesapeake were sent to the scene of a collision near the crossroads of S. Military Highway and Canal Drive. Police officers discovered a man standing beside his dark gray Audi as they approached.

The victim was shot, not hit by a car, according to the first inquiry. The authorities at the spot declared him dead. The search for a suspect is ongoing by the Chesapeake Police. It was about 5:40 in the morning when the call came in. For around three hours, police cordoned up a section of the route.

One witness described the incident as an act of road rage. According to him, the victim exited his vehicle and went to approach another vehicle. Someone in the other vehicle allegedly drew a gun, shot the man, and then drove off, according to him.

He got out of his car, went away, and then was shot, according to a witness. The police are still on the hunt for the suspect as of this hour. This was discovered by the scanner: “CPR has been started. now they are advising it’s going to possibly be a gunshot wound.”

The resident who spoke with 10 on Your Side, the victim exited his vehicle and went to approach another vehicle. Whoever was in the other vehicle, he added, shot the man before driving off.

Tony Hupp, manager of Maximum Tools, who is situated near the intersection where the incident occurred, stated, “This morning, I saw a line of probably twelve police vehicles.” “It was immediately apparent that something significant had transpired when, instead of an ambulance, a hearse was brought up by the authorities.”

In Hupp’s mind, it was awful. He mentioned that he had broached the subject of such events with his children. “I tell them … it ain’t worth your life to get out of the car and argue with somebody over something so simple as being cut off,” Hupp said. “Stop, save your life. Stay in your car and keep your mouth shut because it will save your life.”

Someone did, in fact, exit the vehicle, as the eyewitness said. This individual remains a prime target for the police. As a result of his extensive driving in Hampton Roads, Hupp has seen quite a bit. “We see a lot of accidents through here because of people’s inability to let people in and out of traffic,” Hupp said. “… They are driving around like complete maniacs.”

Hupp urged everyone to consider the man who died and all the people who were affected by the gunman’s actions. “We just got to … take a breath, just calm down, start acting like Virginia is for lovers,” Hupp said.

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