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Ten People Were K!lled and Ten More Were Injured in a Sh*oting at a Car Rally in Baja California

Shootout at Baja California Car Rally Leaves 10 De@d

Shootout at Baja California Car Rally Leaves 10 De@d

Ten people were k!lled and another ten were injured at an off-road vehicle rally in the Mexican state of Baja California, and authorities say they are looking into a possible firefight that broke out there.

Videos shared on social media showed heavy gunfire at the rally in one area of Ensenada, as well as at least three dead bodies. The shooting, which occurred early Saturday afternoon, prompted a large-scale mobilization of military, naval, and state and local law enforcement.

Officials in Baja California report that gunmen in a single vehicle opened fire on the rally attendees and their vehicles.  A search of the vehicle turned up “perforations from gunshots and traces of blood inside,” as stated by state prosecutor Ricardo Iván Carpio.

The state attorney general’s office claimed there was evidence of crossfire, indicating that the incident involved rival gangs of criminals. Cartel violence is rampant in Baja California, which is located across the border from the state of California.

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