Short North Area Grapples with Mixed Emotions Following a Night of Violence

On a Saturday afternoon, the Short North appeared to be returning to normal. Following their meal, Marie and David Weller walked outside to take a walk.

According to David Weller, “Things are happening, but I’m not that concerned about it. We’re still very comfortable downtown.”

But not everyone hears that melody the same way. Julian Justice also departed supper and made his way to his house for the evening.

According to Justice, it is probably not a smart idea to go out alone because accidents do happen.

After a tumultuous night, I had mixed emotions about being out and about in the Short North. Some said that when they first noticed the caution tape on Saturday morning, they were perplexed.

“We said, OK, either a lot of something is happening or something really big happened,” Marie Weller recalled.

The Weller family claimed that because crime scene tape, evidence markers, and a police presence are uncommon sights in Short North, they didn’t give it much thought.

Marie continued, “It’s not something we anticipate happening.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

Two Shootings on High Street, Multiple Victims; Gun Availability in Columbus Under Scrutiny

At two different locations on High Street, there were two shootings. Around 2:30 am on Saturday, a report of gunfire was received close to the 600 block of High Street.

Shots were fired not far away as the police arrived. Officers responding to the second scene had to start firing back at that moment.

Between those two scenes, a number of shooting victims were discovered, however, it is unclear how old they are.

Justice claims to concur that it is simple to obtain firearms in Columbus. He maintains careful watch over his 14-year-old kid and claims that violence is real.

I advise him to watch out for the people he hangs out with and to leave if he sees a gun or hears his buddies discussing guns, Justice added.

The news of gun violence equally demoralized the Short North coalition. It issued a statement that read:

“Gun violence is a pervasive epidemic, one that continues to require action and collaboration from all of us who are invested in making our city a safe place. It is unacceptable that our society continues to experience such acts of violence, and we are saddened that we experienced this last night in the Short North. As a result of the new precinct boundaries that went into effect a week ago, there was on-duty officer presence and coverage in the Short North along with the Short North Crime Interdiction team, who all quickly intervened. Thankfully these major safety-focused initiatives in the Short North were there to impact the situation when needed.”

Investigations into this shooting are still ongoing. No arrests have been made thus far. The Bureau of Criminal Probe has taken over the probe since the cops fired their firearms.

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