Shot Fired At N. Carolina House Candidate’s Home

A shooting at the home of GOP congressional candidate Pat Harrigan’s parents and small children caused no injuries but created “tremendous worry,” his mother claimed Thursday.

Harrigan, a guns maker and U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, is running against Democratic state Sen. Jeff Jackson in Charlotte’s new 14th District. The left-leaning district resulted from North Carolina’s redistricting struggle to accommodate for an additional seat after the 2020 census.

Shot Fired At N. Carolina House Candidate's Home
Shot Fired At N. Carolina House Candidate’s Home

The 2022 map advantages Republicans in seven of the state’s 14 districts, Democrats in six, and one toss-up in the Raleigh suburbs.

Marla and James Harrigan were watching TV when a gunshot smashed their laundry room window Oct. 18. Hickory police responded to their 911 call and stated a handgun was involved.

Marla Harrigan said the candidate’s 3- and 5-year-old daughters were sleeping above the shooting chamber. The gunfire came from thick woods and didn’t wake the youngsters.

During the campaign, the youngsters lived with their grandparents in Hickory, 57 miles northwest of Charlotte. “Out of an abundance of caution after the shooting,” she added, adding that her son is encouraging his parents to leave town.

Marla Harrigan told the AP it’s unsettling, especially with children present. This campaign is so stressful, and we feel awful for our son because he’s worried about his kids. Now they’re gone, and it’s quite disruptive.

Hickory Police Department spokeswoman Kristen Hart says the investigation is ongoing.

Jordan Shaw, a Harrigan campaign spokesperson, claimed the candidate has received death threats, which they’ve sent to police.

Harrigan said Thursday he wants to restore the economy, cut prices, and keep streets safe. This Green Beret won’t be deterred by a bullet or death threats.


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