Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Has She Really Filed For Divorce Against His Husband AJ?

The news of Shut the Kale Up divorce has been leaking everywhere on the internet recently. Yes, you read it correctly; there are rumors on social media platforms that the band Shut the Kale Up is divorcing. But Is It True? We will try to find out.

Who Is Shut The Kale Up?

Shut the Kale Up was born in California on August 25, 1988. Her exact address is Jeanette Ogden. She is a social media influencer with a large fan base across social media platforms worldwide. She is a mother, a spouse, and an effective fanatic. She always spoke openly about her struggle with an eating disorder.

She attributes the success of her marriage to the elimination of disorder. Jeannette has gathered many social media followers that appreciate her greatly. She has a large number of followers on her official Instagram account, where she publishes well-being-related concepts, recipes, and other articles that assist individuals lead wholesome lives.

Jeannette’s real name is Jeannette Ogden, and she is a formidable force. She is a mother, wife, and wellness enthusiast. She has candidly described her struggle with a dietary disorder. She attributes her marriage to the resolution of the issue.

Jeannette has amassed a substantial number of devoted Instagram followers. There, she gives health suggestions, strategies, and other gifts that assist individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who Is Her Husband?

Shut The Kale Up and AJ met at church, she pursued him, and they had a short courtship prior to their marriage.

They have had numerous disagreements over the development of their children; for instance, he resented the fact that she was an influencer, and she was not supportive of his journey as a member of a Christian band that required regular travel.

She is married to her significant other, AJ. He assists his better half in marketing her Instagram profile to execs. Also, read about Shania Twain Divorce

Regarding Jeannette’s spouse, little information is available. Perhaps he is the type of person who prefers not to be the center of attention, unlike his wife, who is a force to be reckoned with and whose profession is to be featured in web-based entertainment.

Jeannette has not uploaded images of her partner to her Instagram account. She constantly publishes images of the food she consumes, her children and their activities, as well as her own shots; yet, photographs with her spouse are conspicuously lacking.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce

Fans have often observed that Jeannette would prevent you from commenting on any of her posts if you criticize her. It appears that this is not a novel concept.

Jeannette published multiple images of herself crying and declared that she and her spouse would begin couples therapy in January 2021. Due to her own marriage problems, her mother was also residing with them between September 2020 and the middle of 2021.

In June 2021, she answered someone who asked where he was in the story about Elliot’s graduation. She said calmly, “He was there, too.” Also, read about Tia Mowry Divorce

Many further questions, comments, and concerns have been ignored or deleted.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce

In May 2022, every record of AJ on her page, including saved stories, is wiped. On May 17, she tweeted a significant life update. And it became obvious on May 25 that AJ had filed for divorce.

Person-to-person sources assert that her relationship with AJ has always been tumultuous. They had very different views on how to raise children, and he despised the fact that she was an influencer and displayed the children online from the beginning. The divorce was hardly a surprise to anyone. When you learn how they met, everything makes sense.

Reddit user @Low-Cap5159 stated, “From what I recall, she is quite pleasant in person, but she has never been truthful on social media.

I recall thinking that she appeared quite differently online than in person. I am not shocked that she is concealing information to make her life appear more fascinating.

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