Six Cows Were Found Dead in Texas With Their Tongues Missing

Six dead cows with their tongues “completely removed” were found along a state highway in east-central Texas. The sheriff’s office in that county is now looking into what happened.

A release from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday said that ranchers found a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow dead and laying on its side in Madison County.

The sheriff’s office says that the cow’s tongue was cut off “without a drop of blood” and that the hide around the cow’s mouth on one side was cut off in a “straight, clean, and precise” way.

As detectives looked into the death of the longhorn cross, they learned that five other cows had also been found in a similar way. Officials said that each cow came from a different farm and herd and was found in a different place along the state highway in the nearby counties of Brazos and Robertson.

On two of the cows, the anus and external genitalia had been cut out with a round cut. The sheriff’s office said, “This circular cut was made with the same care as the cuts around the jaw lines of each cow.”

The area around any of the cows had no footprints or car tracks, and there were no signs of a fight or blood spill.

The sheriff’s office says it is working with other law enforcement agencies to find out more about “multiple similar incidents” in the US.

The sheriff’s office said that the cause of death for all six cows is still unknown. They asked anyone with knowledge to come forward.

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