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The Smile Dating Test: What Is It and How Do You Take It?

Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test

The smiling dating test has gone popular on TikTok, and here’s how to take it for yourself to find out what kind of dater you are.

TikTok has seen countless viral quizzes and tests over the years, and its users love to post their answers and compare them to those of their peers.

Among these are the Jock, Nerd, Prep, and Goth chart test, which has gained popularity in recent years, and the viral ‘Mental Age’ questionnaire.

Users on TikTok are putting their smiles to the test by taking ktestone’s “smile dating test.” The quiz’s stated purpose is to “find out your dating style with a smiley character,” and users have been posting videos on TikTok discussing their answers.

Here are the steps you need to take to administer the test to yourself.

How to Use Tiktok’s “Smile Dating” Test?

The’smile dating’ test consists of the following steps:

After receiving your scores, you can share them with your friends and followers by uploading a video to TikTok.

Videos showcasing the test are gaining traction on the app, with some users seeing thousands of views and likes.

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