Snow Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions Throughout East Tennessee

Snow arrived in East Tennessee on Monday, covering some local roadways with the white stuff. In East Tennessee, it mostly caused hazardous driving conditions by sticking to the roads.

Due to the snow, some vehicles slid down hills and some were forced off the road. People should stay indoors and stay off the roads, according to dispatchers in the region.

Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service in Morristown advised against traveling.

The counties in East Tennessee road conditions are shown below.

Dispatchers advised citizens to stay inside because the majority of the county’s highways were blanketed with snow. They advised people to stay inside since dangerous situations had been observed, particularly in Oak Ridge and Clinton.

In order to make many icy routes safer, dispatchers stated they were sending out salt trucks.

According to Mark Nagi, a spokesman for TDOT, State Route 113 between State Route 32 and the border of Hawkins and Hamblen counties was reported to have hazardous road conditions.

Most of the roadways in the area, particularly those inside city limits, were in a dangerous condition, according to Knox County dispatchers. To keep safe, they advised people to stay inside and away from the highways.

They specified that the snow caused a section of Washington Pike between Rogers Street and North Broadway to be closed.

According to them, Knox County was following its snow plan and adapting to the circumstances. Leaders in Knoxville also claimed that workers were adapting to the weather.

Dispatchers reported that both were still paving roads Monday night.

Several vehicles skidded down a hill at the Forest Ridge Apartments in Knox County, where residents must drive to get home.

“The fact that none of my three children, who range in age from 12 to 3, were in the car makes me very grateful. Knowing that I pay $1,600 a month for a property like this, and they don’t even do what they should, is quite upsetting “a local resident said.

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