Social Worker Charged With Assaulting Delta Flight Attendant

It is alleged that the former president and chief executive officer of a social services agency for disturbed adolescents in Alaska assaulted a flight attendant because his damaged tray table prompted the incident.

“Since I’m a Gold Medallion, I have complete freedom to do as I like. According to a federal criminal complaint acquired by The Daily Beast, former AK Child & Family CEO and licenced clinical social worker Denis McCarville is quoted as saying “Fuck you” when other passengers intervened in the incident.

According to the document, he later explained to the FBI that “it would be very rare if he were to mention… the ‘F’ word, as he is a social worker and conducts clinical work with youngsters.”

McCarville, who is now 70 years old, was appointed to the position of executive director of the renowned nonprofit organisation in 2011, when it was still known as Alaska Children’s Services. Prior to that position, he was the Chief Executive Officer of a network of residential treatment institutions located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Helping young people “build self-esteem and the ability to live in peace with others” is one of the psychiatric treatments offered by AK Child & Family, which, according to the organization’s website, “provides hope in troubled young lives through a comprehensive spectrum of psychiatric therapies.”

In 2017, Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, met with McCarville in Washington, and she praised his work, saying that it was “something all Alaskans should be proud of, and I am glad that he had the time to discuss issues important to improving the lives of Alaska’s youth.” McCarville also thanked Murkowski for the opportunity to meet with him.

In its mission statement, AK Child & Family declares that its work is “Based on the spirit of Christ’s love.” However, the organisation did not immediately respond to a request for comment made by The Daily Beast on McCarville, who had retired in December of 2018.

Although there is no longer a listing for McCarville on the Alaska Child & Family website, his blog postings are still accessible, including one that discusses the significance of “emotional intelligence.” McCarville did not reply to voicemails or emails requesting comment.

According to the complaint filed against McCarville, the tray-table incident occurred on January 29 when Delta Air Lines Flight 2236 was travelling from Minneapolis to Anchorage. The flight lasted for a total of five hours.

McCarville, who was seated in seat 12C, an aisle seat, grew agitated after a female flight attendant referred to in the complaint simply as “L.C.” asked him if he needed a drink during the first beverage cart service.

According to the complaint, he acknowledged that he did so but expressed frustration that he was unable to remove the tray table from his armrest. According to the complaint, L.C. told McCarville that he was welcome to swap to the unoccupied middle seat next to him, which had a working tray table.

According to the complaint, “He was still quite agitated, so L.C. offered to give him SkyMiles for the inconvenience. He responded that he didn’t want that but that she should reimburse (‘comp’) his full flight ticket.”

L.C. responded… by explaining that she did not have the capacity to do that, but that he should contact to Delta staff once they arrived to see what compensations they could give him for his inconvenience. When he expressed his displeasure with L.C.’s response, she apologised and explained that she was unable to adjust the arm tray table while they were in the air.

According to the lawsuit, L.C. then turned around to serve the passenger who was seated directly across the aisle from McCarville. At that moment, the passenger violently poked L.C. in her left side, nearly knocking her over.

L.C. allegedly responded to McCarville’s alleged provocation by saying, “That was not okay, please do not touch me again, let’s keep our hands to ourselves,” to which McCarville allegedly said, “Fuck you.”

According to the lawsuit, subsequent people joined the conflict at this point, including the one who had been occupying the seat next to McCarville that had a window.

McCarville’s seatmate responded, “Don’t talk to her like that and don’t put your hands on her,” while L.C. informed McCarville once more, “That’s not proper and you can’t just put your hands on me.” McCarville’s response was, “That’s not appropriate and you can’t just put your hands on me.”

As a response, McCarville then pulled out an uncommon flex, telling L.C. that he had Gold Medallion status with Delta and that he was permitted to do “anything I want.” L.C. was taken aback by this unexpected move. Fuck you.” According to the complaint, he then urged the person sitting next to him to “shut the fuck up” and that he was the one who was acting like a “jerk.”

L.C. began working on another portion of the aircraft in an effort to bring the situation under control and de-escalate it. According to the complaint, however, when she later passed by McCarville’s seat while holding a pot of coffee, he turned to establish eye contact with her and stuck his foot out into the aisle in an attempt to trip her. He did this while making eye contact with her.

According to the lawsuit, McCarville did this to L.C. “many times,” but he did not do it to any of the other crew members. After the other flight attendants warned L.C. to stay away from the section of the plane where McCarville was seated, the passenger next to McCarville became the target of McCarville’s apparent continued hostility.

According to what is written in the complaint, “L.C. reported that at the end of the flight, the flight crew were alerted by the window seat passenger in 12A, D.M., that [McCarville] had refused to allow him to pass by in order to use the restroom.” “D.M. reported to the flight crew that he came dangerously close to urinating himself as a result of [McCarville’s] conduct,”

Immediately following the plane’s arrival at Ted Stevens International Airport, the Anchorage Airport Police Dispatch called the FBI’s Anchorage Field Office to request help. After that, the officers and agents questioned not only L.C. and McCarville but also the other passengers and the rest of the personnel on board the aircraft.

L.C. stated that she could recall delivering McCarville one alcoholic beverage and that he did not appear to be slurring his words or otherwise acting in a drunken manner when she did so.

“She reports that she has been a flight attendant with Delta for over eight years and knows what a gentle touch is when a passenger is trying to get your attention and when physically someone is actually angry,” the complaint states. “She knows what a gentle touch is when a passenger is trying to get your attention and when physically someone is actually angry.” “She was genuinely afraid, and no one had ever touched, pushed, or prodded her like [McCarville] had done,” the author writes.

According to the complaint, a second member of the flight crew stated that she “felt really uncomfortable” around McCarville and that he was cut off after drinking “a couple bourbons.” She said she “felt extremely uncomfortable” about McCarville.

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