Some Surfers From SoCal Will Be on the 2024 World Tour

Several young surfers from Southern California, particularly San Clemente and San Diego, have secured spots in the 2024 World Surf League World Tour. This is a significant achievement for up-and-coming surfers who have dedicated their lives to the sport and have now earned the opportunity to compete against the world’s best surfers.

San Clemente has the most local surfers on the World Tour list, including Crosby Colapinto, who joins his brother Griffin, as well as Cole Houshmand, Sawyer Lindblad, and Kade Matson. San Diego also has three surfers on the list: Jake Marshall and Alyssa Spencer from Encinitas, and Caitlin Simmers from Oceanside.

The surfers from Southern California will compete against surfers from Brazil, Australia, Hawaii, and other countries to earn a spot in the top five and a chance to win the world championship title. They will also have the advantage of competing at Lower Trestles, a renowned surf spot in California.

This group of young surfers represents a significant boost for mainland American surfing and showcases the talent coming from the region. They have earned their spots through their performances in Challenger Series contests, with the latest event being the Corona Saquarema Pro in Brazil.

For these surfers, making it to the World Tour is a dream come true, and they are excited to compete against the world’s best and challenge themselves in elite-level competitions. The support and mentorship they receive from their local surf community play a crucial role in their journey to the top of the sport.

These surfers grew up competing at Lower Trestles, which provides them with a home advantage as they aim for a world championship title. Their success represents a significant achievement for California surfers and could lead to the first world championship title for a California surfer in decades.

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