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Sons of Franklin Cab Driver K!lled Seek to Honor Their Father’s Legacy

Sons of Franklin Cab Driver Killed Seek to Honor Their Father's Legacy

Sons of Franklin Cab Driver Killed Seek to Honor Their Father's Legacy

This month, a taxi driver was robbed and shot in the head, killing him. His sons want to honor their father’s memory by continuing their schooling and becoming the successful people he wanted them to be.

But first, Kofi Addo’s boys, Hubert Addo, who will finish his last year of criminal justice school at Kean University, and Herbert Addo, who will graduate from North Brunswick High School next month, want to bury their father in Ghana, where he was born.

Kofi Addo, who lives in North Brunswick and is 57 years old, moved to the United States from Ghana in 2006 with his two young kids. He worked as a bus driver during the day and a taxi driver at night. The two young guys can’t pay for the costs of sending him back to Ghana on their own.

Help Two Sons Lay Their Father To Rest is the name of a GoFundMe page set up by the older son, Hubert, to try to raise $45,000 to help pay for the funeral, airfare, and other costs. As of Sunday afternoon, 232 people had given more than $9,500.

On May 11 at 9:56 p.m., someone called 911 to report a shooting near Rose Street and Sydney Place in the Somerset part of Franklin. When the police showed up, they saw that Addo had been shot in the head.

After hitting a parked car in the yard of a house on Sydney Place, the taxi came to a stop. When police and emergency medical workers got to the scene, they tried to save Addo’s life. He was then taken to a nearby trauma center, where he died.

An investigation showed that Addo drove to the Rose Street area to pick up a fare. When he got there, three teens attacked him while he was in his cab and shot him.

Both the 14-year-old and the 13-year-old from New Brunswick were charged as minors with murder, felony murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and robbery, all of which are first-degree crimes, as well as other robbery and weapons offenses. The prosecutor’s office said that the other 13-year-old was charged with first-degree robbery and planning to rob as a minor.

“Kofi Addo led a very humble and devoted life to his two boys, Hubert and Herbert Addo. “Even though he was tired, he fought through it every day with a smile on his face because he wanted to see his two sons graduate from college,” the GoFundMe page says. “He helped people on their way to work who needed a friendly smile or someone to talk to.”

Hubert said that his father believed in the power of education and worked hard to make sure his boys did well. On the few days he had off, he spent quality time with his sons, supporting their goals and helping them develop their skills.

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The sons said that they would try to remember their father by making a commitment to a future that he would be proud of and that would build on the chances he gave them.

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