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Southwest Braces for Rain and Flooding from Hurricane Hilary

Southwest Braces for Rain and Flooding from Hurricane Hilary

Hurricane Hilary is a strong storm that could bring a lot of rain and flooding to parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona. It might even drop more rain than a whole year’s worth in some areas. This is a big concern, and it’s so serious that a special alert, a Level 4 out of 4, has been issued for Southern California.

Hilary started as a normal storm, but it quickly got much stronger and turned into a Category 4 hurricane. It’s heading towards Mexico and might become a Category 5 hurricane for a short time before it gets weaker. Mexico and some nearby areas are getting ready for strong winds and rain from Hilary.

The storm could hit the US too, but we’re not exactly sure where the strongest winds and heaviest rain will go. If Hilary reaches California as a tropical storm, it would be the first time in nearly 84 years that this has happened.

In simple terms, Hurricane Hilary is a powerful storm that could bring lots of rain and flooding to California and nearby states. It became really strong really fast, and people are watching it closely to see where it will hit the hardest.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The Southwest is Getting Ready for Serious Flooding

There’s a storm called Hilary that’s heading towards Southern California and the Southwest. Even if the storm gets weaker, it will still bring heavy rain and make flooding more likely. The heavy rain will start on Saturday and continue until early next week. The worst downpours will probably happen on Sunday and Monday.

The risk of really heavy rainfall is a big deal. Normally, this kind of high risk happens on less than 4 out of 100 days in a year, but it’s responsible for causing 83% of all the damage from floods and 39% of all the deaths caused by floods. This information comes from the Weather Prediction Center.

Tropical activity is increasing in the Atlantic Ocean, like a competition with the East Pacific. There are four places we’re watching for possible storms, ranging from near the Cabo Verde Islands to the Gulf of Mexico.

The California Examiner is a must-read for anybody living in the Golden State:

The United States is paying attention to the warm Gulf of Mexico, where conditions might come together for a tropical storm to form next week. A weak area of low pressure could grow stronger and turn into a tropical storm by the middle of the week.

In the tropical Atlantic, there are three more areas to watch. Some disorganized rain and thunderstorms near the Cabo Verde Islands might become a tropical depression and possibly a tropical storm soon. Another area with unsettled weather nearby might also become a tropical depression early next week. There’s one more spot near the Lesser Antilles that might develop into something tropical, but the chances are low.

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