Spalding County Missing Man Caught for Meth Trafficking

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office says that a 27-year-old man who was reported missing was later caught for selling meth.

On Sunday, around 2:30 a.m., a Flock alert told Spalding officers that a missing person might be in a gold 2007 GMC Sierra truck. The deputies were on N. Expressway at the time.

The warning was for Juan Camacho, who was 27 years old and was seen driving the truck. The owner of the car Camacho was driving said he was lost on May 20.

Deputies said that Camacho had no license and that his license had been taken away because of a DUI.

The tweet below verifies the news:

As the deputies stopped Camacho for driving without a license, the owner of the truck was allegedly called and told to come get it.

Deputies said that Camacho got out of the truck right away and started taking things out of his pockets. Camacho was apparently put in handcuffs by deputies while they looked through him and his truck.

Deputies searched Camacho’s pockets and found a small bit of methamphetamine, so the story goes. The police said that they found more small bits of meth all over the front of the truck.

The report said that there was a lot of money in the glove box and a big scale and baking sheet under the fold-down center console. Officials are also said to have found a lot of what they think was methamphetamine in a Rigid toolbox that was empty.

The police said that the meth was in a clear bag with a zip-top.

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The owner of the truck told deputies that she and Camacho own a repair business together and that the money was for a down payment on a job, according to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office. Since there was no paperwork, the deputies saved the money as proof.

Deputies allegedly found a total of 1,060 grams of meth in large zip-top bags and 5.5 grams in small zip-top bags.

Camacho was accused of driving without a license, selling methamphetamine, and having items linked to drugs.

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