Sports Betting in California

Sports enthusiasts in California are already looking ahead to November when a ballot issue that would allow sports betting in their state could be put to a vote. Legal mobile sports betting in California could be helped by one prospective bill, while Indian gambling casinos in California could already be allowed to offer legal sports betting.

Permitted California sports books might open as soon as the summer of 2023 if new legislation to legalize it succeeds. Betting on horse races and in Indian casinos is already legal in the state. Several experts anticipate that California’s online sportsbooks could be more popular than New York’s, which opened in January 2022.

Bettors can participate in sports betting in California at racetracks until the state’s online sports betting becomes available. Our pals at SportsLine have put together a handy cheat sheet for them so they can brush up on their sports betting terminology.

How to bet on sports in California when legalized

A wide range of betting options are available to you, whether you’re wagering online or at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook.

Parlays are popular because they provide sports bettors a chance to win a lot of money for a small investment, and they are thrilled because the risk is greater. For a parlay to pay off, all of the teams selected for the wager must win their respective games. A parlay bet, for example, requires all five California professional baseball clubs to win for the wager to be a winner.

Teaser: This approach pays lesser odds than a parlay, but it is still popular because handicappers find it profitable. To put it another way, teasers are a point-spread betting variant that let you boost the point value of your chosen team. Suppose both of Los Angeles’s football teams are seven-point underdogs and you believe they will both win, but you are unsure if they will both cover the spread. ‘ If you choose a six-point teaser, each team will be a one-point underdog, requiring a winning margin of no more than two points to cover your wager.

Push: To put it simply, when neither team can cover the spread, the game is a push. Because no team wins by more than one point, a game in which Los Angeles was pegged as a three-point favorite to play San Francisco and yet came out on top 27-24 is a push. All spread bets are refunded if this occurs.

Where to find the best California sports betting advice

The finest bets in California or elsewhere can be found at SportsLine, which specializes in DFS advice and season-long fantasy sports projections for Vegas picks.

Leading the way in the business, offers cutting-edge computer modeling, expert choices as well as breaking sports news and commentary. Using this tool can help you select the games in which you’ll have the greatest statistical edge. More than 40 experts are at your disposal as well.

In addition to the four major professional sports leagues, college sports, golf, tennis, combat sports, horse racing, and auto racing, SportsLine provides betting recommendations on a wide range of other sports. Sports bettors all around the world rely on it. If you’re interested in SportsLine’s betting and fantasy sports advice, you can join up for a free account here. When online sports betting in California becomes a reality, put your expertise to good use and take down the competition.

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