Staff Who Made Student Eat Vomit Face Charges

Brownsburg Police say that in February, a 7-year-old special education student was told to eat and clean up his own vomit. This is a crime, and four Brownsburg Community Schools employees and a third-party worker are being charged.

Sara Seymour, a teacher at Brown Elementary, and Debra Kanipe, an instructional assistant, were named by the cops as the two staff members. After an incident involving a student in Brownsburg’s life skills program for students with disabilities, police said the two were charged with abuse of a dependent and failing to report.

The release says that two more Kids Count workers and a third-party contractor will also be charged for not telling anyone about the incident. The BPD has not released the film, but it shows staff members surrounding the student and “mistreating” him while he ate lunch.

The charges were made Wednesday by the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office, according to Captain Jennifer Barrett of the Brownsburg Police Department. She said that Seymour and Kanipe were taken to the Hendricks County Jail.

In the news release, BPD says that the video shows the victim sitting at a lunch table and eating his food until he gets up and starts to choke on it. The report says that he then starts to throw up.

“Kanipe then gave the victim a spoon and forced him to eat some of his own vomit,” the news release says.

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All of the Employees Who Were Involved in the Incident Have Been Fired

Brownsburg Community Schools said in a statement made last week that staff found out about the incident on the evening of April 12, even though it happened on February 16.

Barrett said that one of the employees who was charged with not reporting told about this event, which led to a probe.

Then, Seymour and Kanipe were taken away from the kids right away and put on administrative leave with the other three staff members.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Vicki Murphy, a spokesman for the district, said Thursday that all of the employees who were involved in the incident have been fired.

Brownsburg Community Schools sent a message to parents Wednesday afternoon that said the district was still committed to keeping students safe.

The statement says, “This horrible action is not like the staff and teachers at Brownsburg Schools.” “The shocking actions of a few don’t show how much care and concern teachers and staff in Brownsburg show every day.”

The kid who was involved has since gone back to school, the district said before.

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