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Stedman Graham Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

Stedman Graham Net Worth

Stedman Graham Net Worth

American author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker Stedman Graham. He became well-known outside of his professional endeavors because of his friendship with Oprah Winfrey. In addition, the couple had plans to wed after becoming engaged in November 1992. However, they did not tie the knot.

Stedman, who is 6 feet and 7 inches tall, has an impressive income. In 2019, his fortune was expected to reach over $10 million. His business partner, Oprah Winfrey, is worth $2.9 billion more.

Stedman Graham Net Worth

Author, lecturer, professor, and successful businessman Stedman Graham has an estimated net worth of $10 million. The fact that Graham has been with Oprah Winfrey since 1986 has made him famous.

He has served in the United States Army and played professional basketball in the European League before becoming the chairman and CEO of the marketing and management consulting firm S. Graham & Associates.

In addition to his role as a columnist for “The Huffington Post” since 2013, Graham is the author of several books, including “You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success”(1997), “Diversity: Leaders Not Labels: A New Plan for the 21st Century”(2006), and “Identity Leadership: To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself”(2019).

Oprah Winfrey’s $50 Million Montecito Mansion: A Tour of the Property

Oprah and her husband, Stedman, predominantly reside at a Montecito, California mansion measuring 20,424 square feet and dubbed “The Promised Land.” The mansion has six bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, ten fireplaces, a wine cellar, and two theater rooms.

In 2001, Winfrey purchased the property for $50 million, and in April 2020, she stated that Graham was sleeping in the guest house as he recovered from the COVID-19 epidemic, for which he had been away from home.

Oprah stated of her plan to confine Stedman in the guest house, “Stedman is like ‘What’s the procedure for coming home?’ The procedure is…you ain’t coming and sleeping in my bed! And literally, he goes, ‘I’m not?’ And I go, ‘Have you not been paying attention to the news? Social distancing does not mean you go and sleep in the same bed with the person! When you just got off American Airlines!'”

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