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Stevenson Ranch High School Teachers Remember Ryan Clinkunbroomer

Stevenson Ranch High School Teachers Remember Ryan Clinkunbroomer

Stevenson Ranch High School Teachers Remember Ryan Clinkunbroomer

Teachers at West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch are grieving the loss of Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a former pupil who was brutally murdered in Palmdale.

The assassinated officer was at a stoplight on Saturday when the driver of a dark-colored automobile came up next to his patrol car and opened fire.

Jen Overdevest, a teacher, remarked that “he was just the nicest kid.” “My husband said the name and I just started crying immediately because it can’t be he’s so young. It’s just not fair.”

Clinkunbroomer was taught by Overdevest throughout high school. She claimed that while they were working together in the media room, he produced really well.

Teachers at West Ranch High School remember Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a former student:

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandparents, he chose to seek a career with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after graduating from West Ranch in 2010. He was described as fair, considerate, and patient by Alison Hunsacker, another former student.

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“Respected by everybody and treated everybody with respect,” according to Hunsacker. “He was just about the most decent kid you could ever meet. And I’m sure, such a source of great pride to his parents.”

Clinkunbroomer participated in cross-country competitions while still in high school, in addition to being a member of the media production team and mentoring other students. He was also a training officer during his tenure with the sheriff’s office due to this guiding personality.

“There are no stories that don’t end in a smile with that kid,” according to Heather Frame, an English instructor. “He was just a lovely, lovely human being.”

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