Stillwater Body Camera Film Exposes 150-mph Crash That Killed 2

We now have our first look at the horrific car accident that left two people dead in Oklahoma, where a teenager is being charged with murder.

Stillwater police officers’ arrival on the scene of an accident in the early hours of October 15 was captured on body camera footage released Monday.
According to the results of the investigation, 18-year-old Luke House was traveling at over 150 mph in the wrong lane just before he collided head-on with another vehicle.

Stillwater Body Camera Film Exposes 150-mph Crash That Killed 2
Stillwater Body Camera Film Exposes 150-mph Crash That Killed 2

A police officer wearing a body camera arrives at the scene of a fatal car crash on October 15 at around 4:15 a.m., near the intersection of State Highway 51 and Country Club Rd.

“Hey. Is there a person in there? The officer is heard shouting into House’s Ford Mustang, which has been severely damaged and flipped on its side.

The drunken teen from Rogers County collided head-on with a red Chevy Impala while traveling at over 150 miles per hour in the wrong lane of State Highway 51, according to the police.

An Oklahoma State University freshman named House lost his life as a passenger.

My squad used OnCue to overturn an earlier decision. Officer’s voice can be heard saying, “I’m trying to get to the other one” as he runs around frantically looking for clues. The command center, we need a lot more troops.

Even though the Impala’s 60-year-old driver was seriously hurt, her 40-year-old passenger did not survive the crash.

Both vehicles, according to the Stillwater Police Department, had their engines destroyed in the collision.

In this scenario, House would be taken to the hospital and released the following day.

Two counts of second-degree murder were filed against him a few days later.

Stillwater Police Department Lieutenant T.J. Low described the situation as “extremely sad.” Extent of the damage. The sheer size of it. It’s a very terrible crash site, actually.

Low reported that the Impala’s driver is still in the hospital recovering from serious injuries.


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