Stockton Police Link 5 Murders To A Serial Killer In California

Stockton police have found connections between five deaths that at first glance seemed to have no connection, raising the possibility that a serial killer is at work in California.

Five males have been slain by gunfire while out strolling alone, police say. Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said at a press conference on Friday that there is tangible evidence linking all of the instances. There has been a string of murders, he said, and authorities suspect they are linked. “By every reasonable standard, these killings qualify as serial.”

Stockton Police Link 5 Murders To A Serial Killer In California
Stockton Police Link 5 Murders To A Serial Killer In California

The term “serial killer” has been in use since the 1970s, and its meaning has shifted over time. Today, the term is commonly used to describe an individual who has killed three or more individuals with significant time gaps in between each murder (compared to a mass murderer, who kills multiple people in the same incident).

After ruling out gang violence, robbery, and hate crimes, McFadden said detectives still don’t know what motivated the shooter(s). All of the victims were out late at night on their own when they were attacked; they come from different backgrounds and are of different ages. The homicides began in July and continue to plague the area north of Stockton around San Joaquin Delta College, with the most recent homicide occuring on Tuesday.

KCRA was able to talk to members of the family of three of the victims. Lopez’s body was discovered on Porter Avenue, a residential street, on the sidewalk. The man always had my back. It was like he had my back. In an interview with KCRA, Jerry Lopez, Jerry’s brother, expressed regret at not being able to protect his sibling. Yaw’s relatives claim that he was homeless and that his body was discovered in a park on Kermit Lane. He was a lovely man with a large heart, his mother Greta Bogrow stated in a statement. Many people loved him; he was a son, a father, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, and a brother.


West Lane is a busy commercial street lined with strip malls, quick food restaurants, and gas stations, and it is here that Dubedy was shot and killed. His wife claims that the family only found out about the possible connection between Dubedy’s death and a serial killer through social media posts and not from the police.

Tips can be submitted by email to or by calling the dedicated tip line at (209) 937-8167. The police recommend not walking alone at night or in “remote” regions.

Throughout the night and day, our detectives and task force officers have been working on these investigations, McFadden said. We will use all the tools at our disposal, including YOU, to ensure the safety of our community and bring closure to these investigations. Please help us!!! Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any information that could help with these probes. Please keep in mind that our victims’ loved ones are still waiting for answers after this tragedy.

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