Stockton Police Release Footage Of Suspect In 6 Murders, 1 Shooting

Since April 2021, the enforcement in California have revealed video evidence of a suspect wanted in connection with seven homicides and one attempted homicide.

The suspect is seen in the footage wearing all black, including a black helmet, as he or she walks through what seems to be a residential complex.

Initial accusations against the suspect included the shooting deaths of five people over the course of three months, most recently on September 27: 35-year-old Paul Yaw, 43-year-old Salvador Debudey Jr., 21-year-old Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 52-year-old Juan Cruz, and 54-year-old Lawrence Lopez Sr.

However, police have now disclosed that the suspect is related to two other shootings that took place in April 2021: the fatal shooting of a 40-year-old Hispanic male in Oakland on April 10 and the killing of an unidentified 46-year-old Black woman in Stockton on April 16. The times of the gunshots, 3:20 and 4:18 a.m., are indicative of their early morning hours.
According to officials, there is a $125,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case.

Stockton police said at a news conference on Tuesday evening that the lady who survived the shooter in April 2021 had been in a tent at the time of the incident, CBS Sacramento correspondent Madisen Keavy reported.

Stockton police officer Joseph Silva previously verified to Fox News Digital that all six victims, despite differences in age and other circumstances, were male and were alone at the time of their deaths. Silva stated that although one of the victims was inside a car, the other four were outdoors when they were shot. Out of the five people killed, four were male Hispanics and one was White.

Deputy Public Information Officer Silva said that all five killings occurred in “extremely dark” settings.

On Monday, Silva told Fox News Digital that detectives had located the person of interest “near several of the murder locations.” More information concerning the sightings was not forthcoming from him. Contrarily, he said that no one had been “caught on video surveillance with a gun or even committing a crime.” After being briefed by his investigators on the parallels and circumstances of each murder, Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden reportedly informed the public of the shocking trend on Friday. McFadden issued a call to action on Facebook, telling the public to keep their guard up as police search for the suspect.

“Please stick to well-lit, populated places. There is strength in numbers, so don’t be afraid to join in. As a result, you should have a companion along if at all possible, “According to McFadden, it was crucial. If you see anything out of the ordinary, you should contact the police at (209) 937-8377, or dial 911 in an emergency.

For further information, contact the Stockton Police Department at (209) 937-8167 or send an email to In addition to dialing (209) 946-0600, tipsters may also submit information anonymously via the Stockton Crime Stoppers website.

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