Stolen Vehicles Worth $2.3 Million Found at California Weed Growing Operation.

The California State Highway Patrol’s Southern Division proudly proclaimed the recovery of at least 35 stolen automobiles following a months-long investigation conducted by the Special Services Vehicle Theft Unit. Where was the crime committed? A big indoor marijuana cultivation facility with “well over” 400 plants.

The CHP assessed the net value of stolen automobiles at around $2.3 million; no value was assigned to the marijuana discovered at the location, although it is unquestionably a large amount.

A two-month investigation resulted in the special Vehicle Theft squad serving a search warrant “in the San Fernando Valley,” where the CHP seized a lot of stolen automobiles and one handgun. On-scene, a suspect was apprehended.

The thieves, or thief, is accused of defrauding unsuspecting local dealerships and committing fraud by making fraudulent purchases of new premium and performance automobiles.

Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, and Porsche are among the marques found at the site, while images also show different Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, and Corvette models.

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The police announcement gave no other specifics; however, an overhead shot of the scene shows around 20 automobiles lined up mirror-to-mirror in a home’s backyard, with other photographs showing serious damage to certain models.

It is unknown what the thieves intended to do with the stolen valuables, but they were not cared for throughout their storage period.

Some of the vehicles will certainly be auctioned off by the police once they’ve been processed for evidence, so if you’re searching for a bargain and don’t mind smelling like marijuana, you could be in luck.

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