Store Clerk Killed In Robbery At A Gas Station Near Philadelphia; Three Suspects Sought

In the Tacony neighbourhood of Philadelphia, a store clerk was gunned down and died while working inside of a petrol station.

Tuesday morning, just after 4 o’clock, the incident took place at the Exxon station located in the 7100 block of Torresdale Avenue. The entire occurrence was captured on camera by the CCTV system.

The employee side of the counter at the convenience store was reportedly broken into by three individuals wearing masks, according to the police.

They confronted the store clerk, who was 67 years old, and shot him once in the back during the altercation.

According to the Chief Inspector of the Philadelphia Police Department, Scott Small, “You can see them physically struggle with him, and that is when he was shot.”

The three defendants are accused of violently removing the cash register from the establishment before fleeing the scene after the victim had a breakdown.

When the officers arrived, they discovered the clerk unresponsive and lying on the ground.

When the medics arrived, the officers had just begun the process of removing the victim from the business in order to transport him to the hospital.

At the site, they determined that he had passed away.

The longstanding clerk at the petrol station was familiar with the officers who patrolled the neighbourhood, according to the police.

Action News talked to customers at the store who were familiar with the employee. One customer said that he had altered his behaviour as a result of the history of criminal activity at the gas station, which included carjackings.

“He won’t even smoke out here. He had been coming out here to have a smoke break for a good number of years, but he finally gave up the habit when he became very concerned that something similar would take place. This topic was only discussed amongst us the week before last.

And now here we are, standing here, and he is nowhere to be found. It’s just so incredibly upsetting to think about “a customer who did not wish to be named but who made the statement.

Investigators are currently examining the security footage from the store to determine whether or not any exterior cameras captured a car being used in the getaway.

There were no other employees or consumers that were hurt during this incident.

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