Student Carries Gun To Colorado Springs Elementary School

On Tuesday, a youngster in the Colorado Springs region allegedly carried a firearm to a primary school.

Student Carries Gun To Colorado Springs Elementary School
Student Carries Gun To Colorado Springs Elementary School

Evans Elementary, located in the Cimarron Hills community to the east of Colorado Springs, was the scene of the event. Our address is 1675 Winnebago Road, which is also the address of our school. David Nancarrow, principal of the school and director of communications for District 49, put out the following statement:

“Dear Families of Evans Elementary School,

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is assisting EES and the D49 safety and security team with their investigation into the finding of a firearm in the bag of an EES student on Tuesday morning. The pistol has been safely stored, and all students, faculty, and visitors are now unharmed.

A parent informed an EES employee shortly after school started on Tuesday that their child had seen another student carrying a single cartridge of ammo on Monday. Upon the employee’s report, EES management contacted EPSO and D49 security at once. A check of the student’s bag turned out a pistol and more ammo, and the student who was believed to have exhibited the ammunition was expelled. No evidence suggests the student had any malicious intent against other students or faculty. In talking with the youngster and the parents, we concluded that the occurrence was the result of a mistaken desire to impress others. EPSO will look into where the student got the pistol from.

D49 applauds the swift response of the parent and EES personnel in resolving a potentially hazardous situation. Although we do not think this was meant as a threat and that our campus is in danger, we are dedicated to conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and will decide the next steps for the student involved, who is susceptible to both school and law enforcement penalties. D49 appreciates the work of law enforcement and asks that all students, faculty, and parents be vigilant and report any questionable behavior. We appreciate your confidence, cooperation, and understanding during this process. A secure learning environment is guaranteed for every student in District 49 thanks to our proactive measures and partnerships with local law enforcement.

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