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Students Are Unhappy With How the University of North Carolina Handled the Active Shooting Situation

Students Are Unhappy With How the University of North Carolina Handled the Active Shooting Situation

Micah Baldonado sat sobbing at his desk while his teacher continued to speak while sirens wailed around UNC Chapel Hill and cell phones flashed alerts of an active shooter.

“I know there’s no right way to react, but I just lost it,” he said. “I couldn’t hold back tears. My teacher actually kept teaching for maybe 30 minutes even after receiving alerts of an active shooter.”

But if you’re in there running for vice president, or you’re trying to be a Cabinet secretary, or you’re trying to become famous, or write a book or get on television, you should get the heck out of the race,” Hogan said.

A month ago, during the first GOP presidential debate, Ramaswamy referred to Trump as “the best president of the 21st century.” After the debate, Trump applauded him, saying, “This answer gave Vivek Ramaswamy a big WIN in the debate because a thing called TRUTH.” I appreciate it, Vivek.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Hogan, who did not run for president as a Republican, stated as much on “Face the Nation,” claiming the GOP field is too vast to provide a serious challenge to Trump. “I didn’t want to see this multi-car pileup where the 50 percent of the Republican primary voters that don’t want Donald Trump are divided among the 11 people,” he said.

“And that’s exactly what I was afraid of, is what’s happening. I think it’s a real problem.” Hogan said that only individuals who are indispensable to the team should remain on it. “If you don’t make the debate stage, you likely should consider getting out,” Hogan told Robert Costa.

“If you’re on the debate stage … if you’re unwilling to challenge Donald Trump, you should get off the stage.” Hogan is the national co-chair of No Labels, which is trying to be on the ballot in all 50 states in 2024 as a third major party presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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Hogan told Costa that he has not ruled out running on the No Labels ticket, but that the party will only do so if it has a realistic chance of victory. “I think we should only put together a ticket in the event that it’s Trump and Biden. And I’m still, again, still trying to work to make sure we can get a good Republican nominee,” Hogan said.

He added: “No Labels is not an effort to try to help Donald Trump and to be a spoiler for Joe Biden, I don’t think there’s a soul in this organization that’s trying to promote Donald Trump.”

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