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Subway Attacks: One Arrested, Search Continues for Second Suspect

Subway Attacks One Arrested, Search Continues for Second Suspect

A man was found dead from stab wounds in the Union Square subway station over the weekend, and a suspect has been charged in his death. The culprit in a string of slashings on women on the train on Sunday is still at large, and authorities have yet to make any arrests.

The 4 train was the target of all the assaults. Claude White, 33, was found after he allegedly jumped a turnstile and was homeless. White was led out of the 13th precinct stationhouse and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon without making a statement.

Tavon Silver, 32, died from stab wounds early on Saturday morning, and police suspect White was responsible. On the 4 train at Union Square, a stranger discovered Silver bleeding but couldn’t tell what had happened to him.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The investigation has led authorities to conclude that the two guys did not know each other and that an argument between them led to the fatal shooting. Police said a man in a white t-shirt and blank expression attacked three women from behind on the 4 train without provocation over the weekend; all three victims survived slash wounds to the legs.

When the train stopped at 86th Street, Bianchelli Diplan stepped down. “I started up the steps and then I felt something in the back of my leg. So like, I like, hold on to it. And I saw there was blood. So I turned around I saw him and, like, he just stared at me and I was crying, crying. And he just walked away,” Diplan said.

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In addition to the 48-year-old woman stabbed there, the police suspect the same offender slashed a 26-year-old woman near the Brooklyn Bridge Station. No one among the ladies attacked knew any of the others.

Bianchelli Diplan, 19, says she hopes there will be even more police on 86th Street than there were on Monday. She wants everyone on the train to keep an eye out for the suspect, who is still at large.

“Just to be safe, be aware of your surroundings. Because this could happen to anybody,” she added. Despite a 13% drop in crime on the subway last month, that may be of little comfort to commuters after a particularly bloody weekend.

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