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Successful San Jose Gun Buyback Event Collects 408 Firearms, Including a Rocket Launcher

Successful San Jose Gun Buyback Event Collects 408 Firearms

Successful San Jose Gun Buyback Event Collects 408 Firearms

In a significant effort to enhance public safety, San Jose officials reported the success of a gun buyback event held on December 2. A total of 408 firearms, ranging from handguns and rifles to unusual items like a rocket launcher, were collected at the event. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to reduce the number of firearms in circulation and prevent potential risks associated with unregulated weapons.

Diverse Array of Firearms Surrendered

Among the notable items turned in during the event were an Uzi submachine gun, a sawed-off shotgun, and 20 “ghost guns.” Additionally, authorities received 70 replica, airsoft, or BB guns. The diverse array of firearms turned over by residents highlights the comprehensive nature of the buyback initiative, addressing various types of weapons to enhance public safety.

Financial Incentives for Participation

Owners of the surrendered firearms received over $40,000 in compensation for their contribution to the buyback program. The financial incentives aim to encourage participation from residents and create an opportunity for individuals to safely dispose of firearms they may no longer want or need. The collected firearms will be held by the county sheriff’s office for proper destruction, ensuring they do not return to circulation.

Ongoing Commitment to Gun Buyback Programs

This successful event in San Jose is part of a broader strategy to conduct gun buybacks in various locations. Since May, more than 1,100 guns have been collected across multiple buyback events in Milpitas, South County, and San Jose. The initiative provides community members with multiple opportunities to contribute to the reduction of firearms in the region.

Quotes from Officials

Supervisor Otto Lee expressed the significance of the ongoing efforts, stating, “Since last May, we have collected more than 1,100 guns at three buybacks in Milpitas, South County, and San José — that’s more than one thousand chances to save a life.” The commitment of local authorities to gun buyback programs reflects their dedication to creating safer communities.


The success of the San Jose gun buyback event underscores the importance of community engagement and collaboration in promoting public safety. By providing residents with a structured and incentivized avenue to surrender firearms, authorities aim to mitigate potential risks associated with unregulated weapons. The ongoing commitment to such initiatives reflects a proactive approach to enhancing the well-being of the community.

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