Sudanese Singer Shaden Gardood Dies in Crossfire

A well-known Sudanese musician named Shaden Gardood was killed in crossfire in Omdurman city between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Despite a commitment to protect civilians, fierce fighting overtook Omdurman and its twin city Khartoum on Friday, when Gardood was murdered, and on Saturday before truce talks are scheduled to restart in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Since the battle started on April 15, Omdurman has experienced intense fighting as the two sides have fought through many cease-fires and have shown no signs of being willing to compromise.

Gardood resided in the area of el-Hashmab, which is close to the National TV and Radio building, where the fighting was concentrated.

Omdurman is a significant city that even gave its name to a musical genre known as “Omdurman songs” that mixes Egyptian and European orchestral influences with Sudanese rhythms and melodies. This music was initially broadcast on Radio Omdurman.

Tribute Pours in

According to the BBC, Gardood supported safety and tranquility in her area as well as the culture of her marginalized people group, the South Kordofan Baggara.

Tributes flooded in online after her niece confirmed her death on Facebook, stating Gardood “was like a mother and a beloved to me, we were just chatting, may God give her mercy”.

According to a number of posts, Gardood was killed when a mortar struck her house.

The singer had been active on Facebook in the days before she passed away, using the site to express her disapproval of the conflict and to support other civilians caught up in the battle.

Take a look at the following items in the news on a crime:

She recently wrote: “We have been confined to our homes for 25 days… Despite being hungry and experiencing great terror, we are moral people.

According to the BBC, Gardood is survived by her mother, sister, and 15-year-old son Hamoudy.

Although numbers are anticipated to be far higher, the battle has already claimed the lives of more than 600 people.

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