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What Was Sulli Cause of Death? What happened to the K-Pop Celebrity Sulli?

Sulli Cause of Death

Sulli Cause of Death

Sulli, who was 25 years old, was known for being blunt. The police said that she was found in her home on Monday, 14 October 2019, and there were no signs of foul play. Let’s dig deep into Sulli Cause of Death.

Sulli Cause of Death

Sulli died by suicide on October 14, 2019, according to the cops in Seongnam Sujeong, Korea. On the other hand, the local police had said that there were no signs of break-ins on the CCTV video of the area around the apartment. Yonhap, a newspaper in South Korea, said that Sulli lived alone in her flat and that all the signs pointed to suicide.

The Washington Post said that when the local cops checked out her apartment, they found a note, but it wasn’t a suicide note. On the other hand, an open paper with Sulli’s handwriting was found in her apartment. In it, she had written down her thoughts as she looked around her apartment.

Sulli was seen making an ad film the day before she died suddenly, so her behavior before she died didn’t give any clues that she was sad or upset. Sulli’s body was later moved to a nearby hospital, and her family said in a statement through SME Entertainment that they didn’t want the public to know anything about her death or funeral. The K-Pop star’s relationship with a rapper was out in the open, which didn’t fit with how South Koreans saw K-Pop stars and how her fans felt about it.

The singer then said in an Instagram story video that her best friends left her after she told everyone about her relationship. She had also said that she had broken down over the same thing.

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Sulli Was a Victim of Cyberbullying

Recently, both Sulli and Goo were hurt by cyberbullying. They got mean comments and false stories spread about them online. Sulli had spoken out about the right to not wear bras and had joined a feminist movement, both of which were seen as brave moves in a society that was still very traditional.

Goo was called names online and was said to have had plastic surgery, which she later admitted in public. She also had a very public breakup with a hair designer who reportedly threatened to use a sex tape to expose her.

Many K-pop stars start out as teenagers, train hard, and grow up knowing nothing but the world of show business.

Choi Ji-eun, a pop culture columnist, told ABC News that when stars act like kids, the public doesn’t see them as kids and, as a result, is much less forgiving when they make even small mistakes. “They are always afraid that people will dislike them.”

Kim said that because idols are held to higher moral and ethical standards, they are often the subject of rumors and cyberbullying when they get into problems they don’t want to be in.

“Idols, despite being young, are powerful figures with wealth and fame, and because of this, they are seen as people who help young people live out their hopes and dreams through them,” Kim said. “At the same time, though, they are the focus of envy. In South Korea, young stars and other celebrities are held to much higher standards, which can cause a lot of stress.”

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