Survivor Season 44 Release Date: How Many Survivor Seasons Are There?

Survivor Season 44 Release Date: As the calendar turns to a new year, we turn our attention to Survivor, a staple of reality television that has been a part of our lives for many years.

The reality show that has won an Emmy is starting its 22nd year on the air with another “new age” season. In this season, a new group of castaways will begin the 26-day experience of a lifetime in the hopes that they will be the next one to reach the winner’s circle.

Continue reading to learn everything that we know about the upcoming 44th season of Survivor, including when the new season will start, who will be in the cast, and a great deal more.

Survivor Season 44 Release Date

On March 1, 2023, Survivor Season 44 will make its debut with a special episode that will run for two hours. It is currently unknown if the first episode would result in the elimination of only one participant (as was the case in season 43) or two players (as seen in seasons 41 and 42).

Survivor Season 44 Finale

A date for the Survivor 44 finale has not been announced as of yet. On the other hand, if we make the assumption that it follows the same schedule as in previous seasons, it should take place sometime between the middle and the end of May.

Survivor Season 44 News

In June 2019, a group of former contestants on the reality television show Black Survivor got together to talk about their time on the show and the challenges they encountered due to the fact that they were members of a minority.

They were motivated to do so by recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations about anti-racist practices. They are known as the “Soul Survivors Organization,” and they are comprised of contestants from seasons 1 through 40.

They have released a petition that is being widely circulated, and it requests that the show implement several anti-racist initiatives. These initiatives include casting BIPOC for at least 30% of each cast, hiring more BIPOC as part of the crew, and actively supporting the cast, including providing resources for mental health after the season.

Survivor Season 44 Release Date

“Regarding the petition, Jeff Probst has stated that “the entire culture is in a magnificent upheaval,” and that “our responsibility is to respond to it in order to make sure that Survivor continues to reflect our culture and our behavior as well as how we are connecting with each other.” Everything that is going on right now is going to play a role in shaping Survivor’s future.”

CBS made the announcement in November 2020 that it would be implementing new standards for its unscripted programming with the goal of increasing diversity as a direct outcome of the campaign that had been launched.

This includes a requirement that at least fifty percent of each show’s cast be contestants who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), as well as allocating a minimum of twenty-five percent of its annual unscripted development budget to projects created or co-created by BIPOC producers.

In addition, there will be a requirement that there will be at least one host who is Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Is Survivor On Netflix?

Regrettably, beginning on November 14, 2022, Survivor episodes are no longer available to watch on Netflix. Over the course of the three years prior, the online streaming powerhouse made available two seasons of the show at any given time.

These seasons included Heroes vs. Villains, Cagayan, and Micronesia, as well as David vs. Goliath. As a direct result of this accessibility, the program was able to attract a fresh batch of viewers throughout the pandemic, some of whom even went on to participate in the game.

How Many Survivor Seasons Are There?

Survivor debuted on May 31, 2000, and has since broadcast two seasons annually, once in the spring and once in the fall, up until the fall of 2020.

The show is scheduled to resume in 2021. Survivor has been broadcasted for a total of 622 episodes in its 42 concluded seasons.

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