Suspect Arrested In The Murders Of 4 Persons At A Marijuana Farm In Oklahoma

The killings of four people and the injury of a fifth person at a marijuana farm in rural Oklahoma on Sunday night led to the capture of a suspect on Tuesday in Florida, according to investigators. Authorities rushed to a purported hostage situation at the farm, and the dead were discovered there. The victims were said to have been “executed.”

The 45-year-old Wu Chen was apprehended in Miami Beach, Florida, according to a Tuesday night statement from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

According to an OSBI news release, Miami Beach police arrested him at 4 p.m. local time after a car tag reader “tagged the vehicle he was driving.”

According to OSBI, Chen is being held in the Miami-Dade County Detention Center while he is being extradited to Oklahoma, where he will likely be charged with murder and shooting with the intent to kill.

Authorities suspected the suspect knew the victims, who were discovered dead Sunday night at the 10-acre property west of Hennessey, roughly 55 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, according to OSBI Capt. Stan Florence before the man was taken into custody.

They are all acquainted, Florence remarked. We don’t know if they are coworkers or related, but there is little doubt that they were all acquainted with one another.

Around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday, the male suspect allegedly entered a building on the farm where numerous workers were present.

The OSBI stated in a news release on Tuesday that “the suspect was inside the building for a significant amount of time before the executions began.” “According to the preliminary results of the inquiry, this does not seem to be a random incidence.”

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OSBI noted, “Three males and one woman, all Chinese Nationals, were executed.

The injured person, who is also a citizen of China, was flown to a medical facility in Oklahoma City. A quadruple homicide investigation is being conducted in this instance. Due to a “severe linguistic barrier,” authorities indicated that notifying the next of kin is still waiting.

Initially responding to a hostage situation at the farm, the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office then requested assistance from state officials, according to Florence.

According to Florence, police used drones, helicopters, and ground searches to investigate the property late on Sunday and early on Monday but were unable to locate the suspect.

There is still a lot to be uncovered in this case, he stated. We’ll need some time to process that, she said.

There is an active license for a medical marijuana grow operation at the site, according to Porsha Riley, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

The sector swiftly took off after Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana in 2018, thanks to an open-ended law that imposed fewer limitations than those in other states.

Voters will determine whether or not to legalize the drug’s recreational usage in March.

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