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Suspect Broadcasts the Victim’s Final Moments on Facebook After Stabbing Her in a San Mateo Apartment

Suspect Broadcasts the Victim's Final Moments on Facebook After Stabbing Her in a San Mateo Apartment

Details are starting to emerge in the case of a woman who was discovered fatally stabbed in a San Mateo apartment complex, which we reported on in today’s Morning Links.

At 3:48 p.m. on Wednesday, a lady reported seeing a woman being stabbed live on Facebook to the Nye County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office. Using the suspect’s identity and cellphone number, which the woman provided, police were able to “ping” the phone and track it down to an apartment complex on San Mateo’s 36th and 37th avenues, according to a press statement from the San Mateo Police Department.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Without a clear lead, San Mateo police went door-to-door through the complex before finding the woman’s death in an apartment on the 200 block of 36th Avenue. The suspect had filmed the stabbing or its aftermath, uploaded it to Facebook, and then fled the area.

However, Mark Mechikoff, 39, of Pacifica, was identified by San Mateo police, and within two hours, possibly thanks to mobile data, he was arrested in San Jose. He’s been arrested on murder charges. “Investigators were able to track the suspect’s whereabouts and located him in San Jose, where he was arrested without incident,” police said.

Here are some more links to news from the California Examiner that you might find interesting:

“The suspect, identified as Mark Mechikoff, had known the female victim.” The department adds, “While the motive for stabbing the victim is still under investigation, we do know Mechikoff mercilessly filmed the last moments of the victim’s life and posted the video to Facebook, then fled the area.” It sounds like domestic violence, but that hasn’t been officially labeled yet.

And it’s almost as horrific as a beheading case that happened in San Carlos, also in the area, back in September. A 33-year-old Hayward man is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her apartment building in San Carlos by cutting off nearly all of her head with a sword.

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