Suspect In Las Vegas Strip Stabbing Speaks To LA Tv Station 2-days-ago

Two days before to the stabbings on the Las Vegas Strip, the guy suspected of stabbing eight people seems to have given an interview to a Los Angeles television station.

Jorge Lopez, a photojournalist for Telemundo 52, reportedly encountered the guy while on assignment in downtown Los Angeles.

Suspect In Las Vegas Strip Stabbing Speaks To La Tv Station 2-days-ago
Suspect In Las Vegas Strip Stabbing Speaks To La Tv Station 2-days-ago

Lopez said to KNBC, “He was pleading for assistance.” He said to me again, “I Just want a chance, I just want to start from fresh.”

KNBC said that Lopez did not comprehend the gravity of the footage until after his arrest in Las Vegas.

Man who introduced himself as Barrios produced a prescription he claimed to have gotten from the Saban Clinic in Hollywood. According to KNBC, the guy said he thought the medication was “messing with his head” and that someone was out to murder him.

According to KNBC, his last words were a blessing and a request for the opportunity to live.

Police in Las Vegas said that Barrios traveled from California to their city earlier in the week. A bus brought him to the Las Vegas Strip at 8 a.m. on Thursday, where he informed police he had gone after being told he could not remain at a friend’s residence.

According to documents acquired by 8 News Now Investigators, Barrios stabbed a showgirl in the chest and another in the back after asking a group of them to pose for a picture with a foot-long kitchen knife he was attempting to sell.

Police said that following the showgirl attack, Barrios rushed off and stabbed another six people.

According to his arrest report, Barrios claimed officers he was attempting to sell his knives so he could return home.

The two victims of the incident were confirmed to be Las Vegans Brent Allan Hallett, 47, and Maris Mareen DiGiovanni, 30. There were six more people hurt.

Showgirls react to the random stabbing on the Las Vegas Strip
On a Friday afternoon, 32-year-old Barrios was in court. The judge set his next court hearing on Tuesday, October 11, and he will stay in jail without bail until then.


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