Suspect Leads Chase to Air Force Base After Killing One Oklahoma Deputy

When delivering an eviction notice on a suspect on Monday afternoon, a deputy for the Oklahoma County Sheriff was shot and killed, and another is in critical condition. The unidentified person who led police on a chase that ended at an Air Force base has been apprehended.

Soon after 2:30 p.m. CT on Monday, Sheriff Tommie Johnson told reporters that two deputies had been serving an eviction notice at an Oklahoma City residence.

According to court documents obtained by Nexstar’s KFOR, the homeowner had tried to evict a family member who owed at least $1,500 in back rent. Recently, a judge granted that request.


According to Johnson, the eviction notice was delivered by deputies, who spoke with a resident when they knocked. He mentioned that the deputies exited by the rear entrance, but did not specify why.
They rounded the corner to the rear entrance, where Johnson claims gunfire erupted. A deputy was shot by [the suspect]. It appears that the second deputy was also shot while attempting to shield his colleague.

Capt. Valerie Littlejohn of the Oklahoma City Police Department announced at a separate press conference at Tinker Air Force Base just after 3:30 p.m. CT that at least one of the two deputies was able to return fire at the suspect.

After the shooting, the suspect allegedly drove off in a pickup truck that had a boat hitched to the back. According to Littlejohn, law enforcement officers quickly discovered the suspect’s vehicle not far from the shooting scene and gave chase.

According to police radio transmissions, officers located the suspect’s vehicle on Interstate 35, and the man inside had started firing out the window.

Littlejohn claimed, “We had cops returning fire at the suspect during the pursuit.” The suspect “was firing shots at the officers.”

From above, roughly 20 law enforcement personnel could be seen pursuing the suspect’s vehicle as it entered Interstate 40 and headed east. The guy could be seen speeding and hitting many construction cones as he entered the construction section of I-40 near Del City.

The chase approached the region of adjacent Tinker Air Force Base and officials were able to catch up to the culprit.
Neither the suspect nor pursuing law enforcement personnel were struck by gunshot during the pursuit on the highway, according to Littlejohn.

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