Suspect Rams Police Cruiser, Takes Cars Following Violent Chase Through LA, OC

In a high-stakes and perilous pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties on Wednesday, a guy slammed into sheriff’s units, sideswiped motorists, and stole numerous vehicles.

The criminal was observed fleeing in one stolen car before breaking into a nearby residence. After he took the keys to their utility vehicle, the home-dwelling members of the family and their dogs engaged in a fight with him in the driveway, with one of them wielding a knife. He ran amok after breaking through their front gate.

Suspect Rams Police Cruiser, Takes Cars Following Violent Chase Through La, Oc
Suspect Rams Police Cruiser, Takes Cars Following Violent Chase Through La, Oc

As the scene continued, the police car wedged the guy against the gated driveway. Instead of giving up, he threw the stolen car into reverse and rammed the police cruiser several times, clearing a path for him to make another escape.

The situation proceeded for about an hour and a half until the stolen utility truck (at least the third vehicle he drove during the pursuit) wrecked at a petrol station and was rammed by a sheriff’s car. Underneath the truck, flames were erupting, and ultimately deputies began firing at it. Breaking the windows was the last resort before he was taken into jail.

Around 4:50 p.m., everything started to unfold.

AIR7 HD flew above as police pursued a suspect driving a black vehicle recklessly through Anaheim’s residential neighborhoods.

Following a failed attempt to steal a pickup truck, the guy retreated to his car and continued to elude capture by law enforcement. He eventually left the automobile and fled towards a nearby townhouse community.

The officer in Fullerton positioned his cruiser behind the stolen white van, effectively trapping the thief inside. The suspect then attempted to make room to flee by reversing and repeatedly ramming the police car. The criminal sped off.

The suspect resumed the pursuit in the stolen van, driving recklessly through residential areas and slamming into other vehicles. When he finally made it to Whittier, one of the van’s back tires had already blown out.

After the wheel fell off, sparks started flying and the car was rendered inoperable. The man left the vehicle and fled towards a nearby residential area.

He had broken into a house and had a fight with the occupants. The argument continued out into the front driveway. As he approached the individual who had stolen the family’s utility vehicle, one local citizen had to be restrained by a female family member.

Getting into their vehicle, he sped off, almost hitting several of the locals and crashing through their front gate. The vehicle just missed hitting two dogs. The occupants and their dogs were not gravely hurt, according to Eyewitness News.

The family claims they’ve had their landscaping company for three weeks and this is their first and only vehicle. To assist pay for the truck’s missing equipment, they started a GoFundMe campaign.

The suspect’s stolen truck’s front tire eventually blew out, but he kept on swerving into Hacienda Heights traffic anyhow. As he sped through traffic, he ran many red lights and sideswiped other cars.

After a deputy’s car rear-ended his truck, he wrecked at a gas station at Gale Avenue and Hacienda Boulevard. After experiencing mechanical failure, the truck’s undercarriage caught fire. While the suspect was still locked inside, deputies came slowly from behind and used fire extinguishers to douse the flames, creating thick clouds of smoke.

A gunshot was heard from within the truck’s cab.

As the blockage persisted, the suspect remained in the building.

About 6:10 p.m. in the City of Industry, deputies smashed the driver-side glass of the vehicle and dragged the man out.


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