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Suspect Runs After Stabbing LA Bus Driver in Heinous Act

Suspect Runs After Stabbing LA Bus Driver in Heinous Act

Suspect Runs After Stabbing LA Bus Driver in Heinous Act

Police are looking for the person who reportedly stabbed a Los Angeles Metro bus driver multiple times on Wednesday night, leaving him in critical condition.

Metro Los Angeles said on Twitter that a man got on the bus in Woodland Hills, argued with the driver, and then stabbed him.

“The bus driver and the suspect got off the bus and continued to argue. The suspect then pulled out a knife or other sharp object and stabbed the bus driver several times,” police said in a news release.

Officials say that the suspect then ran away on foot in the area of Erwin Street and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Chief Michel Moore said that officers from the L.A. Police Department started a grid search of the area and that the department “has gathered a number of night watch detectives and uniform personnel to look into this senseless attack.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Officials from the police department put out a statement with pictures of the offender.

“This horrible violent act is horrible, and it’s sad that one of our Metro drivers was hurt.” “I’m praying for him tonight with everyone in the City, and my heart goes out to his family as well,” Mayor Karen Bass said in a statement.

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The suspect was a 21-year-old white guy with blonde curly hair and a thin build, according to the police. He stands at about 6 feet. He had on a red shirt, black pants, and a black bag.

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