Florida Authorities Arrested the Suspect Who Reportedly Shot a 6-year-old Neighbor and Her Parents in North Carolina

According to Adam J. Gaub, spokesman for Gaston County, North Carolina, Robert Louis Singletary was caught and now in custody in Hillsborough County, Florida on charges of shooting a 6-year-old neighbor and her parents after a basketball rolled into his yard.

Police had labeled Singletary, 24, as armed and dangerous before his arrest on Thursday afternoon, when he was booked into jail. According to a press release from Gaston County, the suspect surrendered to law enforcement.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office processed him without any identifying documents and confirmed his identity shortly before 7 o’clock. His extradition hearing is set for this coming Friday. Several witnesses said that things started heating up between Singletary and the neighborhood kids on Tuesday after a basketball rolled into his yard.

Suspect Who Allegedly Shot 6-year-old Neighbor
Suspect Who Allegedly Shot 6-year-old Neighbor

The child’s father reportedly went to Singletary’s residence and stated something to the effect of “stop cussing my kid out, if you got a problem come to me and we can work it out,” as relayed by three witnesses. According to eyewitnesses, Singletary went inside, returned with a firearm, and fired at the neighbors, striking a 6-year-old girl and her parents.

“We never expected anybody would break a gun out amongst all those kids,” neighbor Jonathan Robertson told CNN affiliate WBTV. “I mean that was insane.” Six-year-old Kinsley reported being struck in the cheek and told WBTV what she thought happened. “I couldn’t get inside in time so he shot my daddy in the back,” she said.

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Ashley Hilderbrand, the girl’s mother, told CNN that medics had to remove bullet fragments from her daughter’s cheek and that she herself had been grazed in the elbow. She said that she and her family were just grilling and her daughter was riding her bike outside and had nothing to do with the basketball game.

Thursday night, CNN reached out to Hilderbrand for her thoughts on the suspect’s arrest. She texted that she was happy for him and couldn’t “believe he made it all the way to Florida.” The Gastonia Police Department is investigating Tuesday night’s shooting but will not comment on what sparked the violence.

Two teenage cheerleaders in a Texas grocery store parking lot walked up to the wrong car, a 16-year-old in Kansas City rang the wrong doorbell, and a 20-year-old in New York City entered the wrong driveway, and all were shot dead in the past week.

The shootings are a reflection of the toxic mix of fear, paranoia, and distrust that impacts so many and leads to violence in a country where there are more civilian guns than people, as reported by the Small Arms Survey. Police Chief Stephen Zill said in a statement Wednesday night that the father, who has been identified by his family as William “Jamie” White, was shot and remains hospitalized.

Suspect Who Allegedly Shot 6-year-old Neighbor

White’s mother, Debbie Wykle White, told CNN through text message, “He is just taking it day by day.” As his friend put it, “He’s in a lot of pain.” According to the authorities, the girl and her mother have both been treated and discharged.

According to a police statement, another individual was fired at but unharmed. By Thursday night, almost $11,000 had been donated to the family through a legitimate GoFundMe page.

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