Two Fatal Overdoses and Several Thefts in Manhattan Have Led to Indictments and a Manhunt by Police

In connection with the tragic robberies involving drugs that have been occurring in Manhattan, a grand jury has charged two individuals.

On Thursday, sources informed CBS2 that the indictments are related to two distinct patterns around the city in which criminals target individuals in bars by giving them pills laced with fentanyl and then snatching their phones while they are comatose in order to deplete their mobile banking apps.

At least three people have died from drug overdoses, and police suspect this has been going on for months. Linda Clary, victim John Umberger’s mother, remarked, “The hard work is just beginning.” Since her son, age 33, was killed last year following a night out in Hell’s Kitchen, Clarissa has been relentlessly pursuing justice on his behalf.

Suspects In 2 Deadly Overdoses
Suspects In 2 Deadly Overdoses

His death and that of 25-year-old Julio Ramirez were both classified by police as homicides earlier this month. They attempted to rob a bank while under the influence of drugs, according to investigators.

“People going out to nightlife venues, victimizing people, drugging them or taking advantage of them when they’re very intoxicated, trying to rob them, access their bank accounts. This is a growing category of crime that people need to be aware of,” City Councilman Erik Bottcher said.

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According to CBS2, there are two gangs operating identical operations, and those indicted in the deaths of Umberger and Ramirez are only one of them. Katie Gallagher, a 35-year-old fashion designer in Manhattan, died of an overdose on the Lower East Side last year, and police suspect the other ring was responsible.

“I used to go out alone a lot more. I love sitting at bars, meeting new people, and as soon as I heard about that I started doing that a lot less,” Hell’s Kitchen resident Jeremy Crittenden said.

The number of victims is expected to rise, according to sources, as investigators continue to conduct toxicology testing. Clary stated, “That is something I have struggled with for quite some time,” adding, “I just don’t want them to hurt anymore people. That’s it, at the end of the day.”

If the two persons who have been indicted were to be arrested, what would she want to say to them? Authorities are linking victims to the two trends by using the specific drug cocktail they found in their systems. Further indictments, according to the authorities, are on the way.

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