Suv With Two Boys Crashes Into Dekalb Home Following Gunfire, Authorities Say

Authorities in DeKalb County say a guy was shot at in his SUV before crashing into a house.

According to their investigation, the driver of the SUV that was speeding down Ashley Lane in Stone Mountain had two young boys as passengers.

Surveillance footage captured the victim’s calls for help just after his bullet-riddled SUV slammed into the home.

Monday morning, locals were greeted by a horror.

At initially, there was a tremendous boom. An unnamed neighbor told FOX 5 that at first they assumed the noise was coming from a generator, but then they heard gunfire. Men, weapons blazing, can be seen sprinting down the street as we peer out the window.

According to eyewitnesses, two guys with firearms opened fire on the speeding SUV as it drove down the road before it crashed into Supreme Robert’s home.

When I initially heard it, I assumed it was a car backfiring. At that point, Roberts said, he realized it wasn’t a car backfiring and leapt up to greet whoever had run into his home. When I go outside to investigate, I see that someone has drilled a hole in my residence.

The driver, along with the two little boys, managed to crawl out of the debris and make their way to safety at a neighboring house.

Before police arrived, the assailants had already departed the site.

Several mailboxes were destroyed, and a car was sent careening into the neighbor’s yard when an SUV smashed into it in the driveway.

Residents, still in disbelief, spent the afternoon cleaning up after the shooting while police hunted for the perpetrators.

Nothing of the like ever occurs on this block. Roberts remarked, “This is a nice, peaceful area full of hardworking people.” That young man, whatever was going on in his life, had to change because those people were out to kill him.

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