Sydney Man Drugged and Filmed His S*xual Assaults of Korean Women

In Australia, a man who is a “prominent member” of the Indian community in Sydney is being tried for 13 counts of rape and other sex crimes.

Five Korean women in their mid-20s have accused Balesh Dhankhar, who used to be president of the Indian diaspora group OFBJP Australia, of rape. All of the women are Korean. The women said that Dhankhar used the promise of jobs to get them to come to his apartment, where he gave them drugs and raped them between January and October 2018.

People say that Dhankhar put an ad on Gumtree for Korean-to-English translation work to get women to go to the bar at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, which is close to his apartment.


Dhankhar Put Sleeping Pills in Victim’s Drinks

He would allegedly bring them to his apartment and rape them after putting sleeping pills or Rohypnol in their drinks. Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine that is easy to dissolve and has been linked to date rape because of this. He is said to have filmed himself raping his victims on his cell phone or an alarm clock with a hidden camera.

According to court documents, a Korean woman who met Dhankhar in October 2018 for a fake job interview said that Dhankhar showed interest in her, but she told him she wasn’t interested.

She said that after drinking the wine he gave her in his apartment, she felt dizzy and went to the bathroom to text her friend where she was.

The tweet below confirms the news:

“Sister, I feel very drunk, but it’s a different kind of drunk,” the victim wrote in a text message. “And I myself am worried. Try to kiss me all the time… I’m screwed up.”

In September 2018, another victim said that Dhankhar gave her ice cream and a glass of wine at his apartment. She could only remember seeing a condom package, feeling sick, and being in pain. After two days, she went to a hospital and told the police what had happened.

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Police Found a Hard Drive With 47 videos

Prosecutors say that the woman was shown in two videos where she did not respond and made “distressed sounds” while having sex with Dhankhar.

During a raid on his home in October 2018, police were said to have found a hard drive with 47 videos of Dhankhar having sex with Korean women.

Most of the clips show women who were asleep, but some seem to show women who agreed to the act but didn’t know they were being filmed.

This week, it was said that the jury asked to leave the courtroom during the trial because they couldn’t handle what they saw in the videos.

Dhankhar’s bedding had DNA on it, and his phone had a spreadsheet with the names of women on it, as well as notes that seemed to talk about sexual activity.

Dhankhar has said that he is not guilty of 13 counts of rape, 17 counts of making intimate recordings without permission, 6 counts of using drugs to commit a crime, and 1 count of assault with an act of indecency.

In the last four years, he has tried to keep his name out of the news, but he hasn’t been able to do so.

When the crimes are said to have been done, Dhankhar was a “lead data visualization consultant” for Sydney Trains. During the time he was out on bail, ABC and Pfizer both hired him.

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