T-most Mobile’s affordable smartphone plan EVER is now available with full 5G connectivity and more.

For the longest time, T-Mobile comfortably dominated the US wireless landscape regarding service value, constantly outpacing competitors with ultra-affordable plans and unmatched perks while generally falling short of the speeds and coverage that Verizon and AT&T relied on. To maintain their “duopoly.”

That seemingly immovable status quo completely shifted with the advent of 5G technology, but coincidentally or not, the market’s new number two subscriber and nationwide availability leader began to make fewer and fewer deal-related headlines as its speed, coverage, and customer numbers increased rapidly.

Affordably priced with a decent value.

Naturally, the “Un-carrier” continued to “un-carrier” from time to time, for example, by kicking off the new year with some juicy lifetime discounts for (some) current members.

Although the current deal is not strictly an Un-carrier move, it is designed to undercut the competition, with as low as $10 a month delivering cash-strapped subscribers 1000 minutes of speak, 1000 texts, and 1GB of “high-speed” smartphone internet.

While it is a tiny number of bundled perks by 2022 smartphone standards, $10 is also a relatively small sum to pay for a handset plan that includes full access to Magenta’s massive 5G network.

You will be unable to use T-fastest Mo’s accessible speeds (based on mid-band spectrum purchased from Sprint in 2020) for an extended period with such a severe monthly restriction, which is where the operator’s other Connect prepaid plans come into play.

For $35 a month, the most expensive plan includes 12 gigabytes of high-speed data and unlimited call and text.

At the same time, the $15 and $25 tiers are not wholly new, acquiring more data (up to 5G) to provide a total of 3 and 6GB, respectively (in addition to unlimited talk and text).

T-Mobile Connect launched almost 18 months ago with $15 and $25 plans that included 2GB and 5GB of data, respectively, and a serious guarantee of yearly 500MB increments.

The first such data increase occurred in March 2021; therefore, seeing the two plans upgraded is unsurprising.

That is not the case with the $10 option, reportedly the “lowest-priced smartphone plan ever from the Un-carrier,” outperforming everything else on the market presently.

AT&T, for example, has recently made news with their aggressively priced unlimited 5G plans (both prepaid and postpaid) while maintaining minimum prepaid pricing of $30.

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Bear in mind the caveats!

However, the carrier that is beginning to win more value fights provides a substantial 15 gigabytes of data for $40 per month, not to mention 8GB for as little as $25… assuming you’re ready to commit to a full year of service upfront.

When it comes to yearly plans, Boost Mobile outperforms the competition. At the same time, Metro by T-Mobile is a curiously underwhelming option for its parent company in terms of service value.

However, before committing to a T-Mobile Connect plan, it’s critical to ensure that your “high-speed” data limit matches your total allotment. As a result, if you choose the dirt-cheap $10 option, you’ll be limited to a meager gig of data every month.

The same is true for the 3GB, 6GB, and 12GB plans, with data being inaccessible until the following billing cycle once those limits are reached. We’re talking 5G, 4G LTE, and even 3G (for as long as it exists).

Technically, you may purchase temporary data passes for an additional charge if you prematurely deplete your data bucket, but that negates the purpose of purchasing such an economic plan in the first place.

Regarding costs, it’s worth noting that the Connect, as mentioned above, rates do not include taxes, which is fairly uncool of T-Mo given its track record.