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Taylor Swift Tickets Scam: Scammer Hacks Local Woman’s Facebook to Sell Bogus Taylor Swift Tickets

Scammer Hacks Local Woman's Facebook to Sell Bogus Taylor Swift Tickets

Scammer Hacks Local Woman's Facebook to Sell Bogus Taylor Swift Tickets

The FOX 8 I-Team has found out about a scam involving Taylor Swift tickets.

This is known because the Attorney General of Ohio has warned people to be careful if they see a great deal to see America’s biggest pop star.

Kathy Turle-Waldron of Twinsburg went to the I-Team because she says someone broke into her social media account and made an offer to sell tickets in her name.

It looked like a great deal for tickets to a Taylor Swift concert in Cincinnati that was coming up soon.

“I wasn’t able to log in. My password or anything else wouldn’t work. “I felt like I had no control at all,” she said. “I even got a call from someone who was very angry that I hadn’t yet moved the tickets. At that point, I said, “Look, I don’t have any passes. It’s a rip-off.'”

You might wonder why anyone would believe Kathy’s offer to sell tickets to see Taylor Swift, but as a mom, a gymnastics guide, and even a school board member, she has earned a lot of trusts.

The tweet below verifies the news:

People were fooled by the fake music deal. One of the victims talked to the I-Team and told them why she thought it.

She said, “It was a local person trying to get rid of their tickets.” “I didn’t know that scams were going on. I was a part of it because I didn’t know that. We each lost $350 between me and my sister.”

On Tuesday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said, “I’m sounding the alarm because I’m expecting it.”

Yost told people to be careful about fake music ticket scams. Tickets to see Taylor Swift have been used in scams all over the country.

“So, if you think you’ve been ripped off, we want to help. “Call the office of the attorney general,” Yost said.

Kathy says that someone even tried to get personal information from her by calling her.

So, we dialed that number. Someone said they could help. He also said that someone from outside the country had broken into Kathy’s account. Later, he sent us a text message asking us to call him back, but as soon as we started to record the call, he hung up.

There are a lot of thieves trying to make money off of a megastar, and as you can see, they can be pretty sneaky about it.

“I didn’t think it would get as bad as it did. Kathy said, “I still can’t get into the account.”

Kathy says that someone broke into her Facebook account. We tried to get in touch with Facebook for three days, but they didn’t answer.

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