Ted Cruz Criticizes Gavin Newsom, Gets Lit Up Himself

Several conservatives questioned Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ability to be comfortable in a fleece jacket while filming a video message urging citizens to raise their thermostats to relieve strain on the state’s electricity grid.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who famously fled to Cancun when Texas’ power grid melted down in February 2021, is the one prominent Republican in the country who should not have engaged in saying that California’s governor was not suffering along with his constituents during an electrical grid catastrophe.

During an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday night, Cruz said, “I love that Gavin Newsom was wearing his fleece, obviously in comfortable air conditioning, saying, ‘let them eat cake, let them sweat, you don’t get air conditioning.'”

Predictably, Cruz was heavily criticized in cyberspace.

When the lights went out in Texas, Ted, do you remember where you were?

Molly Jong-Fast, a columnist for The Atlantic, tweeted:

Popular Twitter user darth asked, “did this f—k zoom in from cancun?”

As previously said, Cruz has shown some recognition of his own shortcomings in regards to the Cancun incident. Cruz drew similar criticism after tweeting that “Cancun is more nicer than Cabo” when Newsom visited Cabo in November.

A former adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro tweeted, “You abandoned your constituents and 700 of them perished.” “You’re not in on the joke.”

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