Ted Cruz Was Booed In Texas When He Stated Putting More Police In Schools Will Reduce School Shootings

During a speech in Texas, Senator Ted Cruz was booed when he proposed adding more school resource officers to reduce the number of school shootings.

On Saturday, Cruz addressed the Texas Tribune Festival crowd in Austin, where he was received with enthusiastic applause despite discussing controversial themes like weapons and abortion.

Cruz was met with muted applause as he said that Democrats in Washington’s first reaction to a mass shooting is to demand the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding Americans. “The only thing is that it doesn’t actually work, but it’s OK if you want to applaud anyhow. Gun regulation is useless if stopping these murders is the goal.”

Cruz said the audience seemed to disagree with him at several moments when he said that gun restriction policies target “law-abiding folks” rather than criminals.

“Cruz argued that the criminal element should be singled out for elimination. In other words, you go after bad guys like criminals and offenders and those on the run. You bring charges against them, lock them up, take them off the streets, and beef up security in soft spots.”

Business Insider stated that Cruz had made similar statements in the past in defense of the National Rifle Association, which he defended on the grounds that it “stands out for the rights of every American.” According to Axios, among Texas legislators, Cruz has received the most money from gun rights groups.

“Two weeks ago, I stood on the Senate floor and sought to pass legislation I’ve sponsored that would increase the number of police officers in school,” Cruz stated to a raucous ovation. If we want to keep our kids safe, and I want to keep our kids safe, the best thing we can do is to have police officers there to guard them and stop a mass murderer before he gets into the school.

More boos came from the crowd as Cruz spoke, this time in reference to the May shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed. In spite of 376 police officers arriving at the scene, the shooter eluded capture for well over an hour. Police “failed to prioritize preserving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety,” an interim study said, according to an earlier story by Insider.

Members of the audience kept shouting at Cruz after he suggested the Uvalde shooter was successful because he entered the school through an unlocked door.

“Look, I’m all ears if you’ve got a plan to put an end to the psychotic killers. The answer, in my opinion, is to lock them up “I quote Cruz: “Prevent them from carrying out these criminal acts. There will be some we don’t know about in advance, and having armed officers on campus is the greatest way to prevent them from killing our children.”

But look, you guys may instead sing kumbaya with them and hope they’ll simply stop, but what you’re proposing doesn’t work, Cruz continued.

Someone in the crowd shouted, “Eighteen-year-old guys don’t need an AR-15,” which was met with applause.

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