Teen Charged With Murdering Michael Brasel Was Involved in a Violent Harding HS Robbery

Multiple sources have told FOX 9 that the 17-year-old man in jail on suspicion of killing Michael Brasel is the same young man who was caught on video in a Saint Paul Harding High School bathroom last year. That video went viral and was seen by millions of people.

In that film, you can see the armed attacker trying to get into a student’s cell phone and steal it. As a witness records the fight on Snapchat, the fight gets pretty rough.

It’s not clear whether it’s a real gun or a BB gun. Even so, the teen, whose name we won’t say right now, was charged with aggravated robbery and finally pled guilty. Four months ago, in January, he was taken off of probation and control.

Police in St. Paul have caught a teenager who they say shot and killed a man whose family says he tried to stop a car theft.

On Wednesday, Saint Paul police executed a search warrant at his family’s house on Reaney Avenue East. The suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of shooting and killing Brasel when Brasel’s dad and beloved hockey coach stopped a car break-in and confronted the armed teen.

“This is a violent crime that makes no sense,” said Todd Axtell, who used to be the police chief in Saint Paul. “I live in the city now; I’m no longer the chief. But these people live near me. These are people in the neighborhood. This is terrible for the community and for all the people who love this place.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

Axtell, who now runs his own public safety consulting firm called The Axtell Group, talked to FOX 9 about the youth justice system and what happens to young criminals who get guns.

“The young people keep getting in trouble again and again,” Axtell said. “They are going to get caught with a gun while breaking the law. Guns that were stolen and young people who shouldn’t have guns. Again, they are using these guns to settle their fights and do bad things in our city. The criminal justice system shouldn’t have to let this happen more than once or twice before saying, “Enough!”

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In the case of Brasel’s murder, prosecutors are still going over the facts and proof. At this point, no charges have been brought.

Court records for the 17-year-old suspect show that his mental competence has been called into question in the youth justice system.

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