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Suspect in Fatal California High School Stabbing Crashes Automobile, Killing One Student and Injuring Three Others

Teen Dead, 3 Hurt After Walmart Stabbing Suspect (2)

Teen Dead, 3 Hurt After Walmart Stabbing Suspect (2)

A boy, 15, was killed and three other teenagers were injured on Tuesday when a car wanted in connection with a stabbing at a California Walmart crashed into pedestrians outside a high school. At roughly 2:45 p.m., a customer allegedly stabbed a Walmart worker inside the Simi Valley store before leaving in a white Toyota Camry, according to authorities.

The worker was transferred to a nearby medical facility after sustaining at least one stab wound. A rollover incident involving the same vehicle driven by the stabbing suspect was reported to police about an hour after the stabbing. At least four adolescents were injured when the motorist, whose identity has not been disclosed, crashed into a group of them.

The reasons for the accident are unclear. A child of 15 years old lost his life in the collision. A Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman informed KTLA that three youths, ages 16, 14, and 15, were taken to the hospital. Their statuses were not immediately known.


According to KABC, two of the injured have been treated and released, while a third is in severe condition. The police have the motorist in custody; he or she was also taken to the hospital for treatment.

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Westlake sophomore Erik Bergh claims he was almost struck while trying to protect a friend who is one of the victims. “I was walking with friends and I think I was turned around at that moment and then the next moment, I think I hear like, very loud, higher screeching,” he told ABC.

“It sounds like a car’s on the sidewalk and then I hear people screaming and running and then I turn around and I just see this big car barreling towards me and there’s debris flying everywhere.”

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