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Tragic Clash on I-95: Teen Driver Fatally Shot After Ramming Into Two Troopers

Teen Driver Fatally Shot After Ramming Into Two Troopers

Two Pennsylvania state troopers were killed early Sunday morning after a youngster allegedly rammed his car into them on Interstate 95 near Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. After receiving a call at about 3:20 a.m. about many automobiles and persons illegally blocking I-95 southbound at Penn’s Landing, Pennsylvania State Troopers arrived.

According to authorities, there were additional reports of gunfire coming from the area. Drag racing, “burnouts,” and “drifting” were allegedly taking place in the street when state troopers arrived, drawing a large crowd of onlookers who stood outside their vehicles to watch.

The authorities claimed that previous reports of events with identical characteristics existed. One of the drivers, later identified as Anthony Allegrini Jr., 18, from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, was the target of a police stop. Allegrini allegedly ran a red light and crashed into two police cars because he did not stop in time.

The below tweet verifies the news:

At least one trooper drew his service pistol and fired at Allegrini, who was hit multiple times. Paramedics pronounced Allegrini deceased at the scene. The two police officers who were hit were reportedly only slightly hurt. On Sunday morning, law enforcement roped off a section of southbound Interstate 95 near a stalled vehicle as they conducted their investigation.

Near exit 20, beneath the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the road was closed. At 10:01 a.m., lanes were restored to traffic. Reagan Hocking, Allegrini’s girlfriend, told NBC10 that her man was a car nut. “He loves all cars,” she said. “He drove an Audi S4. He loves it. He pays for it.”

According to Hocking, the event Allegrini was shot at was a “car meet.” “I do agree that that might not be the most safe thing to do in the world,” she said. “But what’s not safe is a cop showing up and killing an innocent life.” Hocking also denied the state police’s account, saying that Allegrini was shot while standing outside a car, not inside as the story claimed.

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She made reference to a viral video that appears to show a bloodied man writhing on the ground next to a pointing state trooper. The legitimacy of that video has not been confirmed by NBC10. “To the police in general, I just want to say that you need to own up to the rights and you need to give us the honest truth,” Hocking said.

“Stop protecting yourself. You just killed an innocent life. And you should be held accountable for that.” The State Police did not address Hocking’s claims, but its investigation remains steadfast in its conclusion that Allegrini was shot inside the vehicle. The event is currently being looked into by both the Pennsylvania State Police and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, Hocking is grieving the loss of her boyfriend. “I would just tell him how much I loved him,” she said while in tears. “And how much I would want to make his dreams come true. And I’m going to try my hardest to make all of those dreams come true in the future.

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