Teen Guilty of Murdering Dad in With Drain Cleaner Over Canceled Hair Appointment in Michigan

A Michigan teen was found guilty Thursday of throwing drain cleaner on her sleeping father because he had broken his promise to take her to a hair shop for her 18th birthday.

A jury in Oakland County, Michigan, found Megan Joyce Imirowicz, age 19, guilty of misdemeanor domestic abuse and the illegal use of irritants that caused Konrad Imirowicz, age 64, to die on Oct. 1, 2021.

Prosecutors say that her father, who had trouble with alcoholism, was too drunk to drive her to the meeting.

As he slept on a sofa in their home in Ortonville, northwest of Detroit, the angry teen threw lye powder and water on him.

He got chemical burns all over his body and died five months after getting hurt.

The tweet below verifies the news:

When she is sentenced on July 25, the defendant, who cried when she heard the decision, could get up to life in prison.

“This is a sad story. Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said in a statement, “The defendant lashed out in anger and ended up killing her father.” “I want to thank the prosecution team for all of the hard work they put into this case and for getting justice for the victim.”

During the four-day hearing, the defendant’s brother, Austin Imirowicz, and her mother, Joyce Conrad, both said things that were very upsetting.

The son said that his father was in intensive care for months, had many skin grafts, and got infections that made it necessary to cut off both of his legs.

Austin Imirowicz told the jury that he left the hospital in March 2022 with the plan to die at home. This is what The Oakland Press says he told them. After three days, he breathed his last.

The son also talked about the night his father was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He said that his sister called him not long after his dad was taken to the hospital and asked for the PIN to their dad’s ATM card.

He said that she wanted to pay for the hotel room where she and her friends were going to spend the night of her 18th birthday. She didn’t ask about what was wrong with her dad.

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Austin Imirowicz said that he hung up on her because he was angry. “I was angry that he didn’t care at all and just brushed off something so important,” he said in court, according to a local newspaper.

Megan Imirowicz told cops that she had thrown a bag of bread and maybe some water at her father because they were near some cleaning supplies.

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