Teen Who Murdered Accused Rapist And Was On Probation Has Escaped

According to the Iowa Department of Correctional from the 5th Judicial District, Pieper Lewis, the juvenile who murdered the guy she alleged raped her and was sentenced to probation and reparations to his family, has escaped from a residential corrections facility.

When Lewis “left the Fresh Start Women’s Center at 6:19 a.m. on Friday,” she was leaving the facility for the first time. Executive Director of the District Jerry Evans informed CNN via email on Sunday that she had removed her electronic monitoring tracking device. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

Teen Who Murdered Accused Rapist And Was On Probation Has Fled
Teen Who Murdered Accused Rapist And Was On Probation Has Fled

Evans said that a complaint of a breach of her probation had been submitted and that it was recommended that her probation be terminated. The sentence continues, “A warrant was issued for her arrest and is still active.”

According to prior CNN reports, Lewis committed murder at the age of 15 after shooting a guy she said had repeatedly raped her. She pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and deliberate harm and was given a deferred judgment by Polk County District Court David Porter; in September, an Iowa judge ordered Lewis to pay $150,000 to his family in reparations, as mandated by Iowa law.

In addition to the five years of probation and community service, Porter ordered Lewis to pay a fine of $4,000. With the delayed judgment, Lewis may have the incident sealed from his record.

Inmate Lewis escaped from a residential correctional institution in Des Moines, as described on the website of the Fifth Judicial Circuit Department of Corrections. It “accepts inhabitants with diverse legal status,” including those accepted “as a condition of probation or parole.” According to the program’s website, its goal is to “offer a safe and comprehensive approach to supervision that tries to educate, encourage, and advocate for all women to alter their lives.”

Lewis admitted murdering Zachary Brooks in June 2021, alleging in her plea deal that Brooks, 37, had sexually assaulted her many times throughout 2020. Initially, she was accused of murder in the first degree.

Lewis said in the agreement that she had previously run away from home and slept in the corridor of an apartment building.

She said in her plea deal that she was taken in by a guy, but she left him because of his aggressive behavior. She said she then moved in with a guy who had a dating profile set up for her and facilitated men having sex with her for financial gain. Lewis claims that she was living with the guy who posed as her boyfriend from April of 2020 until she was arrested for Brooks’ murder.

She claims that Brooks provided her drink and marijuana and had sex with her five times while she was unconscious over the course of three days after they were met in May 2020. According to her plea, Lewis found out what he had done every time she came to and he was still on top of her.

Lewis said that her roommate on May 31 threatened her with a knife after she disobeyed his order to have sex with Brooks in return for marijuana at Brooks’ residence. She indicated on the recording that she agreed to leave after he sliced her neck.

She had to take vodka shots and fall asleep at Brooks’ flat, she wrote. She said that she woke up during Brooks’ rape of her. While Brooks was dozing off, Lewis went to get her changed. She returned to the bedroom and reported finding him nude and unconscious.

I was blindsided by the realization that Mr. Brooks had raped me again, and I was furious. Lewis said in his plea bargain, “I reached over and, without thinking, grabbed the knife that was on his nightstand and started stabbing him.” Additionally, “I admit that Mr. Brooks’ death was caused by the several knife wounds that I delivered against him subsequently.”


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