Teenager Attacks And Fractures Teacher’s Leg In Rockdale County School

A high school student from Rockdale County will be charged with assault after punching a teacher in a classroom.

On Friday, Tyisha Fernandes of Channel 2 was at Heritage High School where a ninth-grader was seen on camera fighting with and assaulting her teacher.

The teacher, who has not been named, is reportedly healing from a broken leg, according to Channel 2.

At Heritage High School, Fernandes showed the attack’s footage to the parents.

Oh my God, she was punched. Okay, is that girl in jail?” asked one of the parents.

Students claim that following the event, the girl was brought to the juvenile detention facility. According to representatives of the Rockdale County School District, the pupil has been suspended from class but will also be prosecuted.

In the footage, a teen is seen getting in her teacher’s face before touching the latter with her hands.

There is never a cause for things to become this bad, according to another parent.

She remarked, “All these other kids, they ought to have gotten up and done something.” Why do you permit students to treat a teacher in that manner, you ask?

The student who spoke with Channel 2 observed the entire incident. The student’s identity is concealed.

It was shocking, he remarked, not frightful. She’s a decent teacher, however the way she speaks comes across as aggressive. She does not speak to children in an appropriate manner.

His mother added, “What I think the issue is, the teachers are not taking a class on how to deal with children. To help those youngsters without escalating the issue, you must understand de-escalation strategies.

Although the attack is still under investigation, school officials have made it clear that staff violence will not be condoned.

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